delicious, delectable, dangerous.

The last few days have been perfect fall weather for these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are so easy to make and very low calorie. Thanks for re-introducing them to me Brooke. Actually, I’m not so sure I should thank you as I have made two batches in two days.

Also on the menu this last weekend were crepes. We recently began the tradition of devoring these for the Sunday morning session of General Conference. Thanks to Kristy for serving your mission in France, for learning how to make these and sharing them with all of us. And thanks to Vaughn for helping me with the actual execution of them. After 15 years of Kristy’s, he knows a thing or two about crepes.

My fave is powdered sugar with freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can also see a little nutella on the fork because a close runner-up is nutella & bananas. As Liz would say, “THAT ONE IS MINE!” in her best robot voice.

All in all, it was a pretty fattening weekend. But what’s new?

  1. Summer

    Crepes are one of my all time favorites! I love them! I think my favorite is putting a little bit of creamy honey on them!
    And, those cookies look delicious too!

  2. Holly

    Summer, if you are off sugar, you are getting some delivered to you!

  3. Karissa & Mik

    ok how addicting are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!?! we’ve been making them the past week and i cant stop eating them!

  4. Denice

    oh yeah, we’ve had the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too! they are good for us right – vegetables are in them, you know, the pumpkin?

  5. Cherri

    Crepes! One of my favorites. I start with butter, then powdered sugar, then lemon. The lemon makes the sugar disappear. So, more sugar please. I’m bad.

    I already love, love, love crepes!

    I’m sure I will love, love, love the cookies!

  6. vmsb

    I love pumpkin (and who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?) and have been looking for a delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe – are you willing to share yours?? I clicked over to Brooke’s blog, but did not see a recipe – sorry if I missed it …


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