During church on Sundays, Dave (our resident artist) will sometimes draw pictures for Inez. She tells him what she wants him to draw and he does it. It’s usually Noah’s Ark and has many different animals depicted. This Sunday she asked him to draw a unicorn. Then she asked him to draw a unicorn stabbing someone.

  1. Katrina

    that’s just a precious daddy-daughter moment.

  2. Roney's

    during church? that is sick and wrong.

  3. courtneyb


  4. Brooke

    and darth vader is scary?

  5. [AnnieR]

    Inez sounds like my kind of girl. If you’re going to draw a unicorn, you might as well draw one stabbing someone. Very nice.

  6. Carol Cobb

    I think you have been reading too many fairy tales from the Grimm Brothers books, switch to Disney- Everyone always lives happily ever after:) What are unicorn horns for anyway???

  7. Karissa & Mik

    i was laughing so hard when i saw that! i can totally see inez saying that

  8. Liz

    Glad he didn’t have colored pens.

  9. Joe

    Carol–Unicorn horns are where they store their magic. Duh.

  10. Tracy

    Out loud laughing – for reals. First at the fact that Inez asked for that, then at the picture, then at Liz’s comment, then at Joe’s. Still laughing……

  11. Julie

    I can just see Nezzies huge grin on her face when Dave actually drew that! She is SO funny! I’m so glad that you blogged that and copied that picture because it’s hilarious!

  12. Jana

    dont give that girl a pair of sissors.

    how are you guys?

  13. Metten

    haha, this drawing is amazing! :) I see talent, seriously.

    And I love the blue color in your blog. :)


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