three things of note

1. These characters got into trouble and ended up in a line up. I discovered this scene after Gwen’s nap. I’m not exactly sure what happened for them to deserve this sort of treatment. But I do know that you shouldn’t mess with a two-year old. And even though Pooh Bear, Maisy, Tigger and Blue may look innocent, I assure you that they are not.

2. Gwen climbed (and fell) out of her crib last night. At least that’s what our babysitters are telling us. We’re not going to press charges and they better thank their lucky stars that we are related or there would be H to pay. Also, since Gwen is just only two and can’t nark on the babysitter(s) yet, we’ll have to take their side of the story. We might have to bring in a few character witnesses for more evidence. I know Jesse the Yodelin’ Cowgirl was present as well as Sock Monkey. The above characters were also present, but with the previous questionable treatment by Gwen, I may be inclined to believe that they somehow encouraged her to climb out. This may have been a simple uprising of the surpressed fluffies of the crib.

Most importantly, we just want our babysitters to know how so grateful we are for their help these past few weeks while we are trying to get our house ready to be moved into.

(no picture for #2)

3. My family is a pretty darn good looking family. And that’s just a simple fact that everyone has to deal with.

And just because I can never stop with (posting or taking) only one.

P.S. Can anyone tell me what “there will be H to pay” is from? It’s driving me CRAZY.

P.P.S. Some people who think I’m still a bit obsessed with belly buttons will be happy to know that I did, in fact, notice the belly button on Maisy in the first picture. It will give them strength to their argument.

  1. David or Jenny

    once jack murdered his stuffed horse. maybe massacred is a more accurately descriptive, but i won’t write it on your blog. it is a family blog. we went into the room and there was stuffing everywhere. it was brutal.

    ok. and i just read your comment on our blog about my ear, which i just got over feeling self conscience about (thanks for bringing it up this fine morning). but i don’t want to bring that up on your blog either. i want to know about frockly! what happened? i don’t agree with it whatever it is.

  2. David or Jenny

    oh, and p.s. i don’t watch movies where they say “H.”

  3. Julie

    Haha Holly, I would hate to be put on trial at your house! And “H” is a strong letter! I’m with the Butlers on that one, I don’t watch movies where they say “H”.

  4. Holly

    I figured out what movie that line comes from! It’s from Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland. It’s one of my favorite movies to watch at this time of year.

    And I guess I need to clarify the line from the movie “there will be H to pay.” The line is exactly that, there will be H to pay, it’s not there will be hell to pay. If I wanted to write hell, I just would have (see previous post). And to the Butlers and Tracys, I don’t believe you guys for one minute. I know you both have extensive libraries of rated R movies.

  5. Beth

    Holly, I love you. You are so funny. And I miss you!! I like “crackin’ skulls” better.

  6. Roney's

    i remember when my girls let me dress them alike. now they wont participate. karissa and kenzie are such party poopers!

  7. Carol Cobb

    I’m with Gwenn on that one. They look totally guilty. Are you sure they should be allowed to stay in the bedroom?

  8. Liz

    Sounds like it’s time for a big girl bed for Gwen. I have been looking for one for Tori on Craigs list.


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