forgive me, for i have sinned

Sunday, November 9: I listened to Christmas music on the radio.

Monday, November 10: I let the girls watch one of my favorite Christmas classics.

Tuesday, November 11: I bought myself this purse (from Nepal via the BYU Bookstore) for Dave to gift to me for Christmas. My Dad says it looks like a bunch of spit wads, my brother says it was probably made in Nepal, Oregon and Dave doesn’t think it will hold anything. I explain to Dave that it’s a “date purse” not a “mom purse” so it will hold the essentials (lip gloss, money, keys, etc.), instead of everything under the sun (which is what I usually carry around). I got a compliment on my way to the register, before I even bought it! I mean, how could I pass it up after that? It was like a sign from the heavens to buy it and not feel guilty.

Cute, huh?

The problem is that the music is not doing it for me. Yet. It is not getting me in the mood for Christmas. Yet. I think that there is just something inside me that knows I cannot get in the “Christmas spirit” until the day after Thanksgiving.

The problem with watching the Christmas classics is similar—they aren’t fun to watch/listen to. Yet. I pack them away with our Christmas decor for a reason. I don’t want to hear the sounds of those movies any other time of the year, other than the most wonderful time of the year.

The problem with buying myself something for my husband to gift me is, absolutely nothing. There is nothing wrong with Christmas shopping early. I have been Christmas shopping since December 26, 2007.

  1. Tracy

    I am not allowed to put in a Christmas CD until November 28th. I will get in trouble from hubby if I do. I promised.. but it’s tough!! You are right though, there’s just not the same magic while listening to it in the stores! We are both Christmas music freaks, so I am excited. Oh – and I LOVE LOVE that purse!!!!!!!!!! I laughed at the spitwad comment though…

  2. cori

    holly this post makes me feel so much better.

    listen to me…

    i have stacks of fabric. that. i. love.

    i am afraid to cut it. thats how much i love it. anyway. i have this vision of a quilt. but have never pieced a quilt before.

    so i told brandon, for christmas, take this fabric, and have someone make me a quilt for my christmas present! he looked at me so strange. but i am serious!

    i am all for getting your own presents. and i LOVE your find.

    i just love you and your blog, and all your fresh new colors!!!

    can’t wait to see more of your place. and i love your mushroom fabric. where did you find it?

    love. cori

  3. cori

    oh is it amy butler or heather bailey?

    i want to be best friends with them.

    have you bought you any moda fabric? oh, girl you have to!

  4. Holly

    cori, the mushrooms and fairies are alexander henry. i don’t have any amy butler, yet. i totally understand the feelings of not wanting to cut it. you’ll have to post your quilt once it’s done. let’s be online quilting bffs.

  5. Beth

    Hi! Do you buy your own stocking stuffers too? I’m on board with buying your own gifts. Especially if you don’t want to end up with a paper shredder (no offense, Fo’ou).

    Also, is the blue color in your room “Phillipsburg Blue” from Pottery Barn? It looks like it, and I LOVE IT!!


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