Besides working at the house A LOT, we have been:

1. Eating too much Halloween candy

2. Attempting to make this amazing craft for Nez’s new room.

3. Watching this while making said craft

4. Eating lots of this

And I just have to add this picture that Inez drew because it is exactly the same way I used to draw people. I love it. This is a picture of me, by the way.

  1. Anonymous

    Nice Do!

  2. Jon

    That last comment was from your ol bottom dwellers…as in basement, not the other kind. We’ll miss you guys

  3. Katrina

    it looks just like you!

  4. Jana

    that drawing looks just like mine. at the age 31.

    its great weather for Mr. Darcy.

  5. denice

    hows that house coming along anyway? any pics for us to see yet?

  6. Karissa and Mik

    that picture inez drew is so realistic! now tell us more about this craft im intrigued!

  7. David or Jenny

    um…we missed you at church…don’t know if i just didn’t see you or you are really gone, like for real. (no i didn’t go to sacrament meeting because jackson lost the father to his lego man and was a wild fit…so we left)

  8. Carol Cobb

    Cute craft! I am up for a mango salsa eating, watching Pride and Prejudice party!

  9. Mom

    Of course, some of this I totally relate to…however, I’m still ‘off’ candy since the day before Halloween…I could break though.

  10. Jana

    can we come see your new house on friday? im excited to see it, especailly the colors you have painted!

  11. Kristen

    Holly! I miss you! You and your mango salsa! You’re funny. Can’t wait to see gwenies room!


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