sneak peek

So for those of you who have requested to see more (MORE! MORE! MORE!) of the new house, here’s what color Inez’s room is.

It could not be more pink. But I figure when you are four, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a bubble gum pink room.

  1. Nate and Kelly

    it looks great! can’t wait to see it in person. (hint, hint)

  2. Holly

    kelly, you can see it anytime. we are moving in on saturday, so you could pop in and i’d probably be there!

  3. Karissa and Mik

    pretty sure its every little girls dream to have pepto bismol walls!

  4. denice

    that is perfect. all my kids get to choose the color of their walls. when i was little we could only have off white walls – you know, for resale purposes.

  5. Brooke

    i love nezzie. i’m glad she has the room of her dreams.

    (and i love the sheets. good buy!)

  6. Melissa

    You always pick the cutest color schemes. When you move in you should invite Kelley down. Grant should have his cast off next week!

  7. Cherri

    the belt.
    the hair.
    the band-aid (is that a band-aid?).

    I love this photo.

  8. Holly

    it is indeed a band-aid. and a scooby-doo band-aid at that.

  9. Beth

    Yay! (MORE! MORE! MORE!)


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