new year’s eve

We are getting ready to party with the fam tonight—
with or without chihuahuas on our heads.

We will partake of the brownie river of delight.

There will also be bounty from Trader Joe’s (that some very thoughtful people sent our way), toasts of Martinellis, playing of board games, hopefully finishing a 1000 piece puzzle, and the traditional banging of pots and pans at midnight—all with a side of Dick Clark.

Happy New Year. 2009, here we come!


Besides watching/listening to Mamma Mia!, I have been trying to figure out the quilts I want to make for the girl’s rooms. Now that the holidays are (nearly) over, I can refocus my attention on our house and getting us completely settled.
This is for Inez’s room. The focus/inspiration comes from this Alexander Henry print.

And here are some other pieces I have accumulated to try and match it. It’s not quite right yet. And I’m spending way too much time online trying to find more. I’m thinking I need to eliminate the yellow, orange and green pieces because I’m not sure the design matches the others. But I do want to keep some other colors in there so that it’s not all pink.

I just don’t want to make a mistake. What if I spend all this time and money on it and then it looks horrible?! Who knew quilting could be such a scary experience.


Joe and Liz,

You guys totally made my day.

I wish we were spending New Year’s Eve with one another! I miss you guys so much!




That’s the best word to describe this wreath and bow that we drive by on our way home.

We don’t know the home owners, but hope they never move because it’s one of our favorite landmarks at Christmas time!

she might be my girly girl

It all started when Gwen asking me to get her Alice dress down for her. Inez has never asked to get dressed up, so that was new for me. After wearing her Alice dress for awhile, she ran to me and animatedly started telling me about a Halloween costume. She took my hand and said, “hom on, Mama!” She pointed to a mermaid costume hanging in her closet that I got during the 90% clearance sale at Target two Halloweens ago. Inez was never interested in wearing it so it still had the original tags on.

She was so excited to wear it.

Then we opened the Princess shoes that Santa brought the girls for Christmas.

I guess I need to teach her that socks + heels = fashion faux pas!

Add a crown to top it all off.

Then she turned around, ditched the crown and started playing with her Buzz Lightyear toys.

I guess she doesn’t want to rush into anything.

our christmas day

This year, Inez started our Christmas morning at 8am. Gwen had to be woken up which she wasn’t happy about. She changed her mind when she saw the Hello Kitty tent and immediately wanted down from Dave’s arms to “get in it,” loot and all.

Inez asked for a “stuffed chihuahua” from Santa since she can’t have a real one (I’m kind of allergic). She ended up getting three and was in heaven.

I always love the Christmas morning curlers.

And even though this picture is blurry, I had to add it. Little Miss Sunshine has sure learned how to pout.

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lesue’s for some brunch. Dave’s Dad loves and collects hats, so when we went to Disneyland we got him some mouse ears of his very own. We didn’t feel like Grandma should be left out of the fun, so she got pink ones.

Then back to our house for naps and opening presents. Gwen quickly picked up on opening presents and could not be stopped. We would have to show her what she just opened while she was opening the next one, but she often pushed it aside as she was busy opening a new present.

She did get excited about a few items though.

Inez was chomping at the bit to open our presents. She takes after Dave.

She had a hard time containing her excitement, especially when it came to getting her very own Webkin.

Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Kewish’s home for dinner and Grandma’s Birthday party (she’s a Christmas baby).

Gwen taking pictures

and making a pretty weak attempt of giving a kiss to Daddy.

It was a pretty busy and snowy day, but we loved spending time with our families.

And let’s just say that there’s more than one good reason Inez didn’t get a real Chihuahua.

Merry Christmas

We hope you’ve been good this year.

it never snows in oceanside, california

Earlier this month we went to Disneyland. But the real reason for our trip to CA was that my cute niece, Caitlin, was baptized.

Caitlin and her older sister, Bridget, like to ham it up for the camera. And that’s usually a good thing since my sister is a photographer.

Inez always refers to Bridget as “the one with the freckles.”

Grandma and Grandpa Kewish were there as well.

We always enjoy spending time with the Cobb family.

Especially when it’s a beautiful day and we can just hang out in the warm sunshine.

Carol was a little cold and needed a little vest, but she’s a rare bird.

We also went to a Christmas party where the Grinch showed up and talked an awful lot like Gene,

Inez made one of her new faces for the camera,

Gwenie was cute, as usual,

and Dave made me laugh,

and laugh,

and laugh,

and laugh,

and love.

I heart my family.

counting down to Christmas

Inez is loving her advent calendar starring Olive, the Other Reindeer.

Every time I pass our door and see this wreath, it makes me happy.

Dave’s desk is nice and tidy,

yet somehow my desk is a disaster with all the last minute preparations.

And I am still so in love with our tree

with all it’s different ornaments.

Gwenie getting into something she shouldn’t, and she knows it.

One more picture of her just for good measure. And because I love her Santa shirt.

post parties

So I don’t know how it happened exactly, but Inez had four birthday parties last week. FOUR!

The first was with Dave’s family last Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa Lesue got her a Sleeping Beauty toy that she has been salivating over for months every time we see it in the store. Why you ask? Because it comes with a pink horse, of course!

Then Monday at preschool, was more of a birthday recognition than a party. She got a crown, a balloon, a Kung Fu Panda pencil and handed out pink cupcakes to her friends. She loved it.

Coconut flavor + pink coloring = yummy cupcakes for adults and happy little pink-loving girls. (The color, not the artist)

Thursday was her friend party. She had a few little girl friends over for a tea party.







They made some ornaments,

marshmallow fairy wands,

and ate some pink polka dot cupcakes.

Gwenie wanted in on the gift getting.

Last, we had a little party with my family. She did request cheese and pepperoni pizza for dinner. She didn’t request Mystery Science Theater 3000 Santa Conquers the Martians, but we watched a little bit of it anyway.
Grandma & Grandpa Kewish (Not pictured: Uncle Jon & Aunt Ashley and Uncle Vaughn)

When it came time to open presents, her excitement could not be contained. That is, until she opened her Vans. When she unwrapped it and discovered it was a shoe box she said, and I quote, “I hope it’s not shoes in there!”
Luckily the unicorn saved the day (probably not the first time since unicorns are magical) and she liked them despite the fact that it was just shoes. She has so much to learn!

We love our Nezzie girl more than we could ever express.

Happy 5th Birthday, Nez!