it never snows in oceanside, california

Earlier this month we went to Disneyland. But the real reason for our trip to CA was that my cute niece, Caitlin, was baptized.

Caitlin and her older sister, Bridget, like to ham it up for the camera. And that’s usually a good thing since my sister is a photographer.

Inez always refers to Bridget as “the one with the freckles.”

Grandma and Grandpa Kewish were there as well.

We always enjoy spending time with the Cobb family.

Especially when it’s a beautiful day and we can just hang out in the warm sunshine.

Carol was a little cold and needed a little vest, but she’s a rare bird.

We also went to a Christmas party where the Grinch showed up and talked an awful lot like Gene,

Inez made one of her new faces for the camera,

Gwenie was cute, as usual,

and Dave made me laugh,

and laugh,

and laugh,

and laugh,

and love.

I heart my family.

  1. Carol Cobb

    Thanks so much for coming! We had so much fun with you guys and you definitely made the day more special. I am sorry we drug you to our ward party…Hey, what can I say, at least it was a free dinner:)…or we could have gone to Twilight….

  2. Holly

    Carol, it was worth going to your ward party just to see Gene as The Grinch!

    Next time I’m in town, let’s ditch the husbands and kids and go to a lame movie (for the popcorn)! Actually, it doesn’t sound bad if it were just me and you and we went to a spa or something. Now that would be worth leaving children and husbands for!


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