new year’s eve

We are getting ready to party with the fam tonight—
with or without chihuahuas on our heads.

We will partake of the brownie river of delight.

There will also be bounty from Trader Joe’s (that some very thoughtful people sent our way), toasts of Martinellis, playing of board games, hopefully finishing a 1000 piece puzzle, and the traditional banging of pots and pans at midnight—all with a side of Dick Clark.

Happy New Year. 2009, here we come!

  1. Carol Cobb

    Fun! Fun! Happy New Year!

  2. Liz

    I just don’t get those pans. The very middle piece in a brownie pan is always the best. If I was a wasteful person I would cut all the edges off and toss them in the trash. Too bad there is not a way to make a no edges brownie pan.

  3. Holly

    liz, you have yet to see the light.

  4. Karissa and Mik

    ive heard great things about that pan, its a brownie edge lovers dream!

  5. Bandit Jack

    my mom has that brownie pan! she thought she was the only person in the world, too. i don’t get any because chocolate is bad for pups. =(

  6. Brooke

    “brownie river of delight!” yum.

    also, unrelated: i was just looking at dave’s website and i am so impressed. wow. i love the game one. (okay, that’s all…)


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