christmas cards

Finally finished.

puke, snow, model.

When your baby sister is sick and unable to play

and it looks like this outside

the only thing left to do is strike a pose.

last minute shopping

My sister Carol has started a new blog. She’s selling jewelry that she brought home from China when she went to visit my parents last spring. She has hosted a few jewelry parties in San Diego where she lives, and now is making them available online for those of us who don’t live in the perfect weather of southern California!

Lapis and silver neckalace, bracelet and earrings image borrowed from my sister.

So if you are in need of a last minute gift for your mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, girlfriend, wife, or yourself, here is the link to her jewelry blog. Now get shopping!


Today we are partying hard.
Like a five year old does.

Incidentally, her last prayer as a four year old was:
“Dear Heavenly Father,
We’re thankful for all we have and do and say, except for mosquitos and black widows.
Please bless unicorns that they can be real.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

good children’s books

I was so excited when this book arrived in the mail yesterday for Inez.

Last Christmas we gave her This is Paris since she is obsessed with Paris. Since I am a little obsessed with London, she gets this one this year.
I love children’s books.

Especially when I find my kids like this.

holly is my name, and procrastination is my game

I should be unpacking and organizing our house (yes, still) or working on Inez’s birthday plans for Thursday, or finishing our Christmas cards.

But instead I’m making the girl’s flannel jammies for Christmas Eve.

happiest place on earth (and warm in december)

A partial summary of our trip to CA. And there are a lot of pictures, just to warn you.

Napping in the car on the way down. Why is it that our kids always fall asleep 30 minutes before we need to stop?

Upon our arrival to the hotel, we made our way over to Downtown Disney and the CA letters in front of California Adventure.

We also stopped in at the Lego store and thought this was pretty cool, among other creations.

Before entering the park on the first day, which is always such an exciting moment.

Our first look at the snowy Sleeping Beauty Castle as we walked down Main Street.

We hit Fantasyland the first day with Early Entry.

When we woke up for our second day, Dave wondered why his muscles were sore. I would say the above picture is a good reason.

Gwen sizing up the Dumbo attraction, it being our first ride. She had this expression for many of the rides—really unsure about them.

Still deciding…

I think she likes it.

We headed over to Peter Pan after Dumbo and Gwen kept her eye on the Queen the whole time we were in line. Every time she’d open the curtains, Gwen would point her out.

It’s a Small World with the holiday layover.

I love the Santa Tiki.

And we always make a quick stop at the White Rabbit’s door on our way out of Alice.

Then we visited the new Pixie Hollow. I think I loved it as much as the girls did.

The got to meet Silvermist Fairy

And Tinkerbell of course.

Gwenie was obsessed with her door.

We met up with the Cobbs, as usual, which we love to do since they know the ins and outs of the parks. Carol and the girls won us someDream Fast Passes and even though the crowds were manageable, they were nice to have. Inez had so much fun with Bridget and Caitlin. At one point they were doing the “cha-cha” (which was actually a conga line) while they were waiting for us adults. I’m so glad that my girls get along so well with their cousins!

Inez was so excited when we saw Jasmine, as she’s Nezzie’s favorite Princess. Gwen was more interested in her jewelry. And when I gave Inez the Jasmine crown she is wearing in this picture, she actually told me that she was worried that if Aladdin saw her he might think she was Jasmine, so she didn’t want to wear it around him.

Both days at the parks, we got really lucky and just kept running into different characters.
Chip and Dale

While it may appear that Goofy is checking Gwen’s diaper, it was just an awkward hug.

The Wicked Queen from Snow White. Gwen was especially nervous, just look at her hands.

Mary Poppins and Bert

Pooh Bear and Tigger

And Gwen seemed to want the attention instead of letting Nez have a turn.

Santa and Mrs. Claus

We went to the Princess Fantasy Faire for the first time, but did NOT wait in the hour line to see the princesses. The girls were satisfied with hearing Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine come out for storytelling, and so were we! Inez was ecstatic when Jasmine came out to tell her story during which Inez was sitting front and center. It got even better when Jasmine actually winked at her.

The holiday overlay that they do on Haunted Mansion. I think we prefer it to the normal Haunted Mansion.

One of our favorite rides is Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. Dave and I are in constant competition to beat one another. The funny thing about it is that I always beat Dave. ALWAYS. Here’s an example of our scores (and my personal best).

More playtime on the letters.

Our traditional Lesue family picture on the L.

We also discovered a few helpers at the popcorn carts.
Oogie Boogie, near Haunted Mansion

The Abominable Snowman, near Matterhorn.
(Bonus points for whoever knows the name the cast members have given the abominable snowman in the ride.)

And Santa, near the Castle.

We also saw a few parades. This was the beginning of the Pixar Play Parade that they have going on at California Adventure. Being big Pixar fans, we loved that parade.

This was Gwen acting like a baby/crazy before the Parade started. She put on quite a show for everyone waiting.

The Cobb girls at the Christmas parade.

Inez watching the Christmas parade. I love that facial expression.

And on our way out, the Castle lights.

around our home

You will find:

my favorite blanket,

an eccentric nutcracker,

some santas doing the “snake,”

a souvenir from our trip last week,

and our tree, of course.

I love Christmas.

And most importantly, on this day, Friday, December 12, 2008 my first batch of chocolate chip cookies were baked in our new home.

An noteworthy day, indeed.

tickled pink.

This girl could not be more excited about her new hand-me-down t-shirt from her cousin Tasman.

She is also over the moon for her very own tree, complete with pink ornaments and feathery birds.

And I love little trees in their rooms because they make the best night lights.

for the love of Joe. Trader Joe’s.

Life’s not fair and why don’t we have a Trader Joe’s in Utah?

And why did I not stock up on these bad boys while I was in California?!?!

I only got one box. What was I thinking?! If I had known how yummy and non-trans fatty they are (except I already knew about the absence of trans fats), I would have brought back a box for all my friends for Christmas. Sounds like a politician’s promise, but it’s 72% true.

Another discovery on our trip to California was this little bar of taste and delight.
The Blueberry Z Bar. This bad boy is deserving of a post on its own.

I buy the pack of Z Bars from Costco on a regular basis, but that only comes with 3 flavors. When I saw blueberry I grabbed one for our days at Dis (mistake #1 was to buy only one because I had to share it with Dave and he didn’t think it was anything to write home about. Talk about a waste of half a Blueberry Z Bar!).

When I ate it, my mouth was in tarty heaven (tart as in food, not a promiscuous lady). And Dave made fun of me for sounding like a commercial when telling my sister, Carol, about them. But that’s how good they are! And mistake #2 was that on our way home I only picked up five. FIVE! How totally ridiculous.

So if anyone reading this lives near a Trader Joe’s, (ahem Carol, Kristy and Liz) please note that not only Christmas is approaching but also my birthday (okay, my birthday is two months off, but think of all the blueberry Z Bars you could stock up on in two months to send me!). Can I make your hectic lives easier by telling you that products from TJs (the ones mentioned in particular) would always be welcomed and you could score many points with our family. Well, just me actually.

Oh, and we also love garlic naan. But I don’t need to remind you of that.

(I wonder how many more times I can use parentheses in this post.)