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So I don’t know how it happened exactly, but Inez had four birthday parties last week. FOUR!

The first was with Dave’s family last Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa Lesue got her a Sleeping Beauty toy that she has been salivating over for months every time we see it in the store. Why you ask? Because it comes with a pink horse, of course!

Then Monday at preschool, was more of a birthday recognition than a party. She got a crown, a balloon, a Kung Fu Panda pencil and handed out pink cupcakes to her friends. She loved it.

Coconut flavor + pink coloring = yummy cupcakes for adults and happy little pink-loving girls. (The color, not the artist)

Thursday was her friend party. She had a few little girl friends over for a tea party.







They made some ornaments,

marshmallow fairy wands,

and ate some pink polka dot cupcakes.

Gwenie wanted in on the gift getting.

Last, we had a little party with my family. She did request cheese and pepperoni pizza for dinner. She didn’t request Mystery Science Theater 3000 Santa Conquers the Martians, but we watched a little bit of it anyway.
Grandma & Grandpa Kewish (Not pictured: Uncle Jon & Aunt Ashley and Uncle Vaughn)

When it came time to open presents, her excitement could not be contained. That is, until she opened her Vans. When she unwrapped it and discovered it was a shoe box she said, and I quote, “I hope it’s not shoes in there!”
Luckily the unicorn saved the day (probably not the first time since unicorns are magical) and she liked them despite the fact that it was just shoes. She has so much to learn!

We love our Nezzie girl more than we could ever express.

Happy 5th Birthday, Nez!

  1. courtneyb

    you are so creative. I love the decorations and the party ideas.
    SHe has the funniest personality.

  2. Dave

    Happy birthday, Nezzie!

  3. denice

    way to go inez! milk it for all its worth.

  4. Melissa

    5! Yay! What are those IKEA boxes? I really like the color in your kitchen!

  5. Holly

    oh yes, the tundra boxes. it is the flooring for our kitchen.

  6. Karissa and Mik

    happy bday inez! the decorations are so cute! way to go super mom!

  7. Holly

    oh karissa, i have you fooled! the only one that i did very much for was the tea party and it was pretty simple! four and five year olds are easy to please. and i should give a shout out to martha stewart for the decorations and the fairies cookbook for the treats.

  8. Beth

    HOLLY! I am seriously about to burst with how absolutely adoreable that tea-party was! (By the way, was that herbal tea I hope?) I love the vans, and I love the way you wrote that post. I always laugh because I can hear your voice in your writing. LOVED IT!!

  9. Brooke

    for cuteness sakes! if that’s just the decor for the party, i cannot WAIT to see the entire house.

    so pretty, so cute, i just love it.

    and happy birthday, nezzie!

  10. Nate and Kelly

    What cute decorations! And happy birthday Nezzie girl…

  11. Bandit Jack

    all of your photos are so beautiful. you must use a professional camera?

  12. Carol Cobb

    Happy Birthday! We love you Nezzie girl. I say have as many parties as you can-maybe one for each year you are alive;) The party looks so cute! Good job Holly. Maybe if you would have gotten her high heels she would have been more excited about the shoes. I know vans are a fashion statement too, but pink high heels with a little bit of faux fur on the top would have made her love shoe boxes forever. I bet I have some of those in our dress up box I can dig out for her next time you come to So Cal:)


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