she might be my girly girl

It all started when Gwen asking me to get her Alice dress down for her. Inez has never asked to get dressed up, so that was new for me. After wearing her Alice dress for awhile, she ran to me and animatedly started telling me about a Halloween costume. She took my hand and said, “hom on, Mama!” She pointed to a mermaid costume hanging in her closet that I got during the 90% clearance sale at Target two Halloweens ago. Inez was never interested in wearing it so it still had the original tags on.

She was so excited to wear it.

Then we opened the Princess shoes that Santa brought the girls for Christmas.

I guess I need to teach her that socks + heels = fashion faux pas!

Add a crown to top it all off.

Then she turned around, ditched the crown and started playing with her Buzz Lightyear toys.

I guess she doesn’t want to rush into anything.

  1. Carol Cobb

    So cute! I love it when they get so excited about dressing up. Enjoy it now…it doesn’t last very long (at least not the princess/mermaid phase;)

  2. Nils

    Addie is our girly girl – at least so far. She’s all about princesses, dresses and her play kitchen. On an unrelated note, what kind of camera/lens do you use? The photos are terrific. It’s hard to capture kids indoors without a flash, though the lighting looks like it helped out. Great photos!

  3. Holly

    Carol, if she does end up getting into dressing up, save your girls dress-ups for us!

    Nils, i don’t have anything as fancy as you. it’s a canon rebel XT and it’s just the lens that comes with it (18-55). we have huge windows that let in a lot of light which i love, as i’m trying to avoid using a flash whenever possible. i’m really loving taking pictures these days, thanks!

  4. Nate and Kelly

    I’m so jealous for all those shoes!

  5. Beth

    I love when little girls get all into dress-up. Jody’s girls are like that too. What the heck are those alien toys, and who bought them for her?!! (I take that back if they were from your mom, in that case, they’re so cute!)

  6. Holly

    You are so busted cause they are from my Mom!

    Just kidding I bought them at Disneyland (so they were about a gajillion dollars) because Gwen LOVES Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jesse. They are from Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Please tell me you know those movies!

  7. courtneyb

    love love love those lips!!


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