and it’s not even Halloween!

A few months ago, I fell for the $1 toy that grows in water. Inez got a pink poodle and Gwenie got a pink cat. They couldn’t wait to get home and put them in water!

I didn’t read the back of the package until we got home, so I didn’t know that they take days, maybe weeks, to expand. So we put them in jars, filled them with water and placed their lids on them.

After a few minutes, the girls got distracted by something else and moved on. Two dollars down the drain. Or so I thought!

We moved. A few weeks ago, my parents asked us if we would come and pick up the girl’s science experiments.

Now we have creepy floating poodle and cat to entertain them all the day long!

I know you’re jealous!

  1. Denice

    i am so jealous. i call your girls over to look at our shark dissection in a jar.

  2. Denice

    and my comment posted 3 times in case you didnt understand it the first time.

  3. Adhis

    Those ARE kind of creepy.

  4. Karissa and Mik

    im glad your parents kept those for you! i love how theyre sealed in jars!

  5. Keely

    Those are freaky haha!!

  6. Carol Cobb

    Sounds like a budding home school in the making;)

  7. Beth

    No way! I’m going back to the dollar store!!


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