decisions, decisions.

Tonight I am working on Gwen’s quilt.

I know. Absolutely delicious fabric.

But, (you ask) how is fabric delicious, luscious and worthy of my drool? Well I don’t know, it just is.

Anyhoo, I am feeling like this is Stumped II. However, right now the more important decision is, what movie I should put on.

I have it narrowed down to:
1. Persuasion
2. Pride and Prejudice (the new version as I have lent out my A&E version—a sin I will never commit again)
3. Sense and Sensibility
4. Nacho Libre (after all Dave is in the room, reading)
5. Oklahoma/Sound of Music/State Fair/South Pacific
6. Mamma Mia!
7. Bridget Jones’ Diary

What’s a girl to do!

  1. Kristy

    Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got Mail are always on my list with most of your list!

  2. Graigg

    I’d go on a Jane Austen run…but that’s me…hee hee

  3. Graigg

    Okay dagnabit…this is Heath logged into Graigg gmail for some reason. haha.

  4. Holly

    no way, i thought it was graigg confessing his true desire to watch jane austen all the time! lol.

  5. Holly

    and FYI, i started the night off with Persuasion.

  6. Karissa and Mik

    love the fabrics! got a new sewing machine for christmas, now just trying to decide what project to begin…

  7. Brooke

    better the fabric is delicious than another pan of “river of delight.”

  8. denice

    delicious fabric AND river of delight. cant think of anything better. although im still a beginner im here for all your quilting questions. bring the girls over and we can make a morning of it.

  9. Jana

    go bridget. have you seen love actually. i love that one.

    and fabric can be delicious just like food. when i got to the cute fabric stores (like wal-mart or joannes) my mind is wheeling with what i can make. i love fabric.

    gwens bedding will be scrumptious, i just hope we dont find you laying on it, licking.

  10. Gingerlylizzy

    Oh… you and I should soooo get together for movie night – we have identical taste I think. Have you ever seen Jane Eyre, the masterpiece theatre version?

  11. Brooke

    i love “love actually.” opening scene in the airport always makes me cry.

  12. Holly

    denice, i’m going to take you up on your offer. and karissa can bring her new sewing machine too.

    liz, do you mean the jane eyre that was part of the complete jane austen series from last year? if so, i missed it. but i did catch northanger abby, cranford and sense and sensibility. i prefer the hugh grant and emma thompson sense and sensiblity though. i did like northanger abby, but cranford i could do without. that was the saddest show. poor little dame judy dench!

    jana and brooke, i confess i don’t love love actually like you two do. i just get so sad for emma thompson and her cheating husband. but i do love me some hugh grant, and that’s a good one with him. if only they had more of him in the film!

  13. Holly

    liz, i just added jane eyre to the #1 spot on our netflix que. hope they ship before my husband sees it!

  14. Carol Cobb

    Love them all, but I’d have to go with Sense and Sensibility. I would say Mamma Mia, but I bet you are Mamma Mia’d out by this point. Love the fabric. I am totally there with the fabric drool, but you are one step ahead of me. I usually buy it and bring it home and then let it sit thinking of all the great things I could make with it. I guess I think if I think it, it will just happen. Do I actually have to pick it up?

  15. Holly

    carol, you are right. i am pretty mamma mia’d out. i have to admit i have plenty of fabric that just sits. dave even told me that i was on restriction from buying it for awhile!


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