the hair

I love Gwenie’s hair when it’s in a little pony tail.

But these fresh-out-of-the-bath curls are to die for.

sad. happy. sad.

With all this snow we have been getting hammered with over the last day and a half, I have been feeling a bit depressed.

But today I got something in the mail that made me happy. It was the pattern to make this Sandi Henderson skirt.

But now I’m depressed again because I need more fabric in order to make it.

out with the old, in with the new

On Saturday, we said goodbye to the old, yellow, yucky laminate countertops.

And hello to our new, beautiful, dark gray concrete countertops.

We are in love.
Now we can move on with the rest of the room.
Still left:
-backsplash (no more yellow laminate anywhere, thank you!)
-cabinet doors
-lay flooring

I think it will be my favorite room when it is finished.

decisions, decisions.

Tonight I am working on Gwen’s quilt.

I know. Absolutely delicious fabric.

But, (you ask) how is fabric delicious, luscious and worthy of my drool? Well I don’t know, it just is.

Anyhoo, I am feeling like this is Stumped II. However, right now the more important decision is, what movie I should put on.

I have it narrowed down to:
1. Persuasion
2. Pride and Prejudice (the new version as I have lent out my A&E version—a sin I will never commit again)
3. Sense and Sensibility
4. Nacho Libre (after all Dave is in the room, reading)
5. Oklahoma/Sound of Music/State Fair/South Pacific
6. Mamma Mia!
7. Bridget Jones’ Diary

What’s a girl to do!