she’s a kook.

Dave asked me the other day how I would describe Gwen’s personality.
My answer? Crazy.

How is it possible that I give her the brownie batter spoon to lick, look away for five seconds, and then find her like this? Seriously.

She is always going. And while she is constantly on the go, she runs like Mr. Bean. It is a sight to behold.

She loves to color, making her Daddy extremely proud.

Yelling for “Nez.” Seriously yelling. I will be deaf by the age of 40 thanks to Gwen, and Gwen alone.

She also acts like a “baby”. Although she never took a binkie when she was a wee one, she will find one every now and then, put it in her mouth and act like a very obnoxious baby. It is quite entertaining.

She is our crazy little Gwenie girl and man, do we love her.

  1. Keely

    She is so ADORABLE! I am lovin’ all the pictures!!

  2. Holly

    Thanks Keely! You need to come and babysit for us one of these days. The girls would love it!

  3. Denice

    that looks yummy although i hate to clean up that kind of mess.

  4. Beth

    How cute! Anela does the exact same thing – acts like a baby, and a very obnoxious one at that, but I patronize her and act like her over-protective mommy. Love it!

  5. Karissa and Mik

    of course she has to be wearing all white lickin all that chocolate! oh well, perhaps she was giving herself a chocolate facial/body wrap, wow she really is smart!

  6. edina monsoon

    She looks so incredibly adorable in thr pictures:) Dun suppose you would post her talking…:)


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