the non napper

Today is day three of Gwenie being very rebellious when it comes to her nap time. As I type this I am listening to her sing and talk to herself through the baby monitor mixed with the sounds of Woody’s pull string.

On day one, I confronted her about it. She seemed confused by the question, “why aren’t you asleep?”

When she realizes that the camera has come out, she hams it up.

Then she squeals with delight and yells with excitement about the party (which was nothing more than this pile) with all her buddies in her crib. Her words, not mine—but you will have to imagine them being expressed like a two year old.

She thinks it’s funny.

And I indulge her because she is so cute.

Then she jumps in her crib for awhile and breathlessly recites “No More Monkeys” over and over.

My little girl is growing up too fast. I love the quiet house during her nap time and I will miss it very much. However, it is being replaced by the sounds of her and her sister playing, and I have to admit that I love that too.

  1. Karissa and Mik

    those jumping pictures turned out cute, i love the colors of her walls! karsons taking a nap right now which is why i get a few minutos to blog

  2. Katrina

    It’s a sad day when the baby stops napping; but also kinda nice because then you don’t have to schedule your life around naps. Still…sad.

  3. Liz

    I love nap time. That is why I still make my 6 year old nap when it is a non school day, he only naps about 10% of the time but stays in his room for quite time when not sleeping. I love my alone time.

  4. Mom/Gr K

    Just give her a few years and she’ll be wantin’ that nap again. But, alas, that is when you will want her to be helping out. I LOVE naps, but don’t seem to take them as often as I could or should.

    And, she is SO cute, why shouldn’t she be up all day to entertain and charm you.

  5. Nate and Kelly

    what a cute set of pics– it was easy to see how the afternoon unfolded for you! i love the one where she’s looking through the crib…

  6. Holly

    mom, she shouldn’t stay up all day because she isn’t so cute and charming ALL day. she still needs a nap, she just won’t take one!

  7. Jana

    those are cute pictures and i love that i can hear her cute little voice in my head.

  8. Jana

    and there are a few pic. in there that i actually think she looks just like inez.

    janie is watching toy story 2. she even asked for it.

  9. Brooke

    i love that orange.

    and i’m sorry she’s not napping. that’s a hard day.

  10. Denice

    oh no, i hate it when they give up there nap. tell gwen to keep her mouth shut and dont tell karson that not napping is an option.

  11. Keely

    That is precious!!


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