gwen the robot

Who knew that the top of a popcorn maker would make a perfect robot hat? Obviously, Gwen knew.

You should see her in action. She’s got “I AM A ROBOT” down. Good enough to make the Kewish aunts and uncles proud.

  1. Sarah

    I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE your pictures lately. They have this (I can’t think of the right word to put here) quality. I know, I’m such an eloquent writer. How about this: Pictures good.

    Also Gwen rocks.

  2. Grandma K

    I just love our little robot!

  3. Kate Grow

    This is your popcorn popper topper!! Awesome, don’t you love how her little brain just GOES!!!! Kids are the best. At first I thought she had a welding mask on…


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