my sunshine

The song that Inez always asks me to sing to her is, You Are My Sunshine. And I just love that that is our song.

This girl is my sunshine, my heart, my life.

  1. Mom K

    She IS sunshine!
    As you know, that was my Dad’s and my song. Love it.

  2. Heath

    Awww! That is what I sing to Payne! =)

  3. Dyana365

    Are those short sleeves in Utah this time of the year? must have been having a warm spell :)

  4. Liz

    Her hair is getting soooo long. Cute pics and the weather looks great, I hope it stays that way for you.

  5. Brooke

    i love those pictures. so pretty. love the light.

    (and i love the skirts below! i should have signed up…)

  6. Tracy

    She is one of those children that you stop to stare at cause she is SO beautiful. And boy does she look like her mommy!!


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