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I think this fabric is the some of the most delicious stuff I have ever seen. And there’s more yet to be purchased.

I’m STILL waiting on my mom’s surger to come back from the repair shop so I can get going with the sewing.

Until then, just planning, cutting, pinning…

I hate waiting.

  1. Jana!

    i totally love the the red threesome. so so cute.

  2. Jana!

    i totally love the the red threesome. so so cute.

  3. Jana

    i loved it so much that i somehow commmented twice. yea! for cute fabric!

  4. Holly

    we need to go to that store in lehi jana. that’s where i found it. you would die.

  5. Karissa and Mik

    so cute! what are you making this time?

  6. Mom

    so yummy…I used to have a ‘fabric habit’ Dad thinks I still have a file cabinet (plus) of fabric, but I actually D.I.’d it for the move.

  7. Holly

    i’m going to make lots o’ skirts for my shop. but like i said, i’m waiting on the surger…

    mom, i would have loved to look through your stash. dang!

  8. cori

    i love mom’s stash of things. i just got all my mom’s thread. i feel like a struck gold. for reals.

    i can’t wait to see them in your shop.

    love the fabric holly!


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