let’s spread a little love.

So last week my friend Stephanie hosted a little give away on her blog. I was one of the people who participated, which means that I am having one too.

Here’s the deal:
1. The winners will be the first three people to comment on this post.
2. You will win something made by me. Something good.
3. Now it’s your turn to serve someone else. You are supposed to do the same giveaway on your blog.

It’s not very hard, so let’s spread a little love!

Thanks again, Stephanie! Here’s part of the goodie that she left on my doorstep last week.

And if we hadn’t devoured the bread she left, I’d post a picture of that too.

Update 3/13 - GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Thanks to Liz, Jenny and Amber. You’ll be getting something soon from yours truly.

a few Nezzie-isms/lesson for Mommy

Lately, this girl has been making us laugh more than usual.

Last Saturday:
Nez: Mom, it’s a good thing there aren’t bombs in our house!
Me: Oh yeah?
Nez: Yeah, cause if we had a robot it might make the bomb go off on accident.

The other night I found a housefly dying in our bathroom. It was on the shelf, above the sink along with all our toiletries, legs up and still moving. I decided that I would let it die in peace and that Dave could get rid of it, but he didn’t cause I forgot to tell him. The next morning after telling Inez to brush her teeth, I went into the bathroom only to discover her recently used toothbrush touching the dead fly, with the bristles! So yesterday while we were looking for a new toothbrush at Target she asked if it was okay to talk to the lady that was stocking shelves. We often have to go over the rules about who is stranger and who isn’t and that when you are with Mom and Dad you can talk to one, etc, etc. It can be pretty confusing and it doesn’t help that strangers always talk to the girls in stores, at church or where ever else we are.
Nez: Um, we have a really old house…
Target Worker: Uh-huh
Nez: and there was a dead fly on my toothbrush!!
T.W.: Really!?
Gwen: Daddy trow away.
Nez: Yeah, my Dad threw the fly away.

I quickly exited the aisle. Apparently only old houses have houseflies. FYI.

Whenever Inez asks how I know any piece of information I give her my reply is always, “because Moms know everything.” This response and I usually get eyes rolled at us (hers). Well today we were having a rather earthy discussion after she used the bathroom about certain foods that don’t digest completely…I’ll spare you the rest. After giving her an answer to one of her questions she told me with pure sincerity, “Mom, maybe you do know everything after all!”

I’m just prepping her for her teenage years.

About an hour ago, I yelled at her and got her in trouble for something really insignificant. I sent her to her room and she went crying and slammed her door shut. Then I read Brooke’s post and felt guilty for not being more sensitive, caring and loving. Thanks a lot Brooke! I went and found her and said I was sorry. She said:
Nez: Did you hear me through the vents? (remember we have an old house so it’s not difficult)
Me: No, what did you say?
Nez: I said a prayer and asked Jesus to help me be a better girl.
Me: (melting) Nezzie, I will be a better Mommy because you are the most important thing to me and you are so special.

This girl is such a blessing in my life. I learn from her every day and seem to grow up along with her. I know I still have a lot to learn. I just have to pray every day that I can be a better girl.

Now excuse me, I must get off the computer and go spend some quality time with my Nezzie girl.

new threads

I think this fabric is the some of the most delicious stuff I have ever seen. And there’s more yet to be purchased.

I’m STILL waiting on my mom’s surger to come back from the repair shop so I can get going with the sewing.

Until then, just planning, cutting, pinning…

I hate waiting.