I don’t know what it is about sewing, but I just love it. It must be therapeutic for me or something. So it was nice to sit down last week and make this baby blanket for my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting a baby boy in a few weeks.

And especially fitting since my brother is a land-locked surfer.

  1. Ada Bowler

    I stayed up way too late tonight sewing a really cute apron for my sister. I’m with you on the love for sewing, yummy fabrics, and the therapeutic hum of the machine. I love your craftiness!

  2. Ashley

    Thanks for the gift Holly. It is a great blanket! Poor Jon, no ocean for a thousand miles. Now he can pass on his love for surfing to the little guy.

  3. Jiles Pfamily

    Chaz says, “Holly, is that a blind hem stitch? Oh, it’s not? You used THAT stitch.” JK cute blanket. I love the blankets you made for both Jack and Susannah. It was fun to see you. Let’s go hiking.

  4. Beth

    I would almost be willing to get pregnant again just so you can make my baby that blanket. I could lie and tell you that I am pregnant. Would you make it for me then? I love love love it.

  5. Denice

    im with you. sewing is relaxing.


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