two highlights of our weekend

#1 An afternoon at the park.

We finally got to fly Gwen’s “Toe Story” kite.

We tried to get it to drop into Denice’s yard for an excuse to go to her house, but the wind wouldn’t cooperate. Maybe next time we’ll bring a kick ball with us instead.

Inez found this stick and said, “Look! I’m the devil!”

The girls were so excited to come across a tiny dog that was walking it’s very obliging owners.

Gwen was excited to see the dog up close, but would squeal and scoot away when he got near her. You can see the intensity of her emotion through her flared nostrils.

Dave and Inez rolled down the hill, while my parents looked on.

I successfully avoided getting knocked over while taking their pictures.

Inez was pretty dizzy afterward.

The girls were not happy when we had to leave the park.

#2 Amazing and delicious cupcakes from Kristen. Seriously one of the nicest people that I know.

Here Gwen’s cupcake was on it’s way to the floor. Good thing she is not picky and the floor was fairly clean.


Thanks again Kristen, they were SO yummy! And tell Clay thanks for sharing!

Weekends go by way too fast.

  1. Brooke

    those are really cute cupcakes. and i agree: weekends are TOO fast.

    at least they’re fun-filled like yours.

  2. Liz

    It’s a good thing it is not really “Toe Story” because that would be a really gross story.
    Good action shot of the cupcake falling to the ground.

  3. Kristen

    i live for the weekends i tell ya! i’m glad you liked the cupcakes! great pictures! you are so good at capturing the girls personalities and real life expressions! LOVE IT!

  4. Denice

    to start with – you should come fly your kite in my yard and then entertain my kids along with yours. then you can play in the houses. second – isnt that karissa’s dog? yummmm…. cupcakes. you think someone whould share something that yummy with the bishop.

  5. Rena

    The devil photos were so funny!


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