nez & gwen’s "hongi" cousins

So my sister and her brood moved here from Seattle about a month ago. We’ve been pretty busy hanging out with them nearly every day. I have to say, living close to family members is pretty darn great. Inez is in 7th heaven being this close to her Wihongi cousins and being able to play with them so often. They provide quite a bit of entertainment for us.

grow baby, grow!

We are getting awfully excited to get these starts in the ground outside.

May 15th seems so far away.


Coloring eggs

New lip gloss for Gwen is all this girl needs.

I think she applied her lip gloss about 50 times Easter morning.

Inez told my Mom that she wished she were a boy so that she didn’t have to wear curlers anymore.

After many attempts Inez successfully made a puzzle tower.

Impatiently waiting for the egg hunt

where Gwen ditched her Easter basket for a butterfly net.

(It’s easier to drag around)

Grandma looking on as the kids discovered all 144 plastic eggs that were hidden in the backyard.

Tainui’s loot

Tazzie’s loot

Teina’s loot (I missed getting a picture of Tama)

Tui’s loot

Trying to get a group shot with an uncooperative Gwen.

Then it was Inez who was uncooperative because she didn’t get a full basket of eggs.

Life seems so unfair when you are five.


I kept seeing this video on people’s blogs and on Facebook, but I just barely watched it for the first time. Besides the fact that I found it extremely uplifting and inspirational, it got me really excited for General Conference this weekend.