Coloring eggs

New lip gloss for Gwen is all this girl needs.

I think she applied her lip gloss about 50 times Easter morning.

Inez told my Mom that she wished she were a boy so that she didn’t have to wear curlers anymore.

After many attempts Inez successfully made a puzzle tower.

Impatiently waiting for the egg hunt

where Gwen ditched her Easter basket for a butterfly net.

(It’s easier to drag around)

Grandma looking on as the kids discovered all 144 plastic eggs that were hidden in the backyard.

Tainui’s loot

Tazzie’s loot

Teina’s loot (I missed getting a picture of Tama)

Tui’s loot

Trying to get a group shot with an uncooperative Gwen.

Then it was Inez who was uncooperative because she didn’t get a full basket of eggs.

Life seems so unfair when you are five.

  1. Karissa and Mik

    glad to see youre back! sorry about the eggs inez, a few tips ive aquired over my egg hunting year: knock the other kids over or my personal favorite- steal theirs later when theyre not looking…

  2. Jana

    gwen’s lips+lip gloss=LOOK OUT!
    (okay, that was super cheesey!)

    the girls look cute and im sure had extra fun with the older cousins around.

  3. Liz

    Looks like a fun Easter. I hated sleeping with curlers in my hair when I was little. Now I am thinking I will torture Tori the same way I was tortured as soon as her hair is long enough.

  4. Stephanie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture with the curlers in her hair!!!!!!!


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