14 and counting

We are getting so excited for the Kewish Family Reunion!

Nez’s last day of preschool

Our girl is SO ready to grow up these days. She is sad that Tecia won’t be her teacher anymore, but is extremely excited for kindergarten.

With a few of her classmates

It was pretty hard for her to stand still for so long. Most of the time she was jumping up & down…

or doing lunges.

Gwen was entertaining as well, singing along to the songs loudly, and usually after they had already ended.

Therefore, Dave’s phone was a welcome distraction.

Best preschool teacher ever!

Nez’s cousin Gigi was in another preschool class but part of the same program.

One thing Inez told me she was looking forward to were the refreshments.

She was in such a good mood that she willingly shared with her sister. A rarity, indeed.

Gigi enjoyed her cupcake.

Gwen. I’m so sad this picture is so blown out, but I just love that look on her face!

After the program we gladly let the kids run off some energy at the playground.

Dale, Gigi’s brother, was quite fickle around the camera. I had to chase him down to get this shot.

And this one—his Power Ranger and eye.

Gwen never seems to run out of energy. She was actually running a few laps here.

We are so proud of our big girl!

two buddies

This picture just makes me laugh.

Inez & Tui, April 2009


Inez has a loose tooth (and a dirty face and crusty boogers).
Can this really be happening so soon?
She’s only 5 years, 5 months and 5 days old (tomorrow).
She keeps calling it her “broken tooth” and doesn’t touch or wiggle it at all.
At this rate, the tooth fairy won’t have to come for a few months.

Why does she insist on growing up?

being pregnant = no fun for me.

I found this draft today. It was dated March 26th and I wrote it before anyone besides Dave and my Mom knew I that was pregnant. I think it’s funny, and luckily for me it’s not all true anymore.

i hate feeling sick. i need to puke. and there is some funky smell in our fridge that only i can smell. i have cleaned it out about three times already but i cannot find anything. not even my Mom (who has always had the super-smeller ability) can smell anything out of the ordinary. and i dread opening it because it hits me like a ton of bricks when the door opens and then lingers in the kitchen for awhile after the door has been closed.

also, i cannot look at any pictures of food on people’s blogs. it totally grosses me out. i can’t smell any fast food either. i got a whiff of something the other day and i about tossed my cookies in the parking lot.

i also drive with a plastic bag handy in case i have to throw up while i’m driving and i can’t pull over fast enough. i’m really hoping that i won’t have to use that this pregnancy like i had to with my first two, but i’m not holding my breath.

dave and his art.

Dave can now add billboards to his resume.

It’s a good thing point of the mountain has a million lanes so that I can go slow, but not too slow, to take some pictures while driving.

Thanks Vaughn for the opportunity!

swoggle me eyes

Inez: (watching Peter Pan) Dad, why does Captain Hook say “swoggle me eyes?”

Dave: I think it’s just the way pirates talk. I don’t know what it means though.

Inez: Yeah. Me neither.


Inez: I think it means “what the heck.”

life is good

On a lovely Friday afternoon we attended the Extravaganza at the local elementary school with my sister and her family.

Gwen ate it on the concrete resulting in a scraped/bloody elbow and Inez freaked out on the giant inflatable slide, making an early exit. Besides those two incidents, Gwen had fun at the “special party” as she kept calling it, and Inez was stoked beyond belief.

Because life is good when you get your arm painted.

Life is good when you get to hang out with your cousin.
These two are nearly inseparable.

Life is good when you are king of the rope tower and when you have a little fan club.

Life is always good when Daddy meets us after work for the Extravaganza.

Life is good when you are cute.

But life is even better when you make a really cute kitty.

Even if her face painting has a little Hitler ’stache thrown in there.


yep, i’m definitely pregnant.

a dog and a boat