life is good

On a lovely Friday afternoon we attended the Extravaganza at the local elementary school with my sister and her family.

Gwen ate it on the concrete resulting in a scraped/bloody elbow and Inez freaked out on the giant inflatable slide, making an early exit. Besides those two incidents, Gwen had fun at the “special party” as she kept calling it, and Inez was stoked beyond belief.

Because life is good when you get your arm painted.

Life is good when you get to hang out with your cousin.
These two are nearly inseparable.

Life is good when you are king of the rope tower and when you have a little fan club.

Life is always good when Daddy meets us after work for the Extravaganza.

Life is good when you are cute.

But life is even better when you make a really cute kitty.

Even if her face painting has a little Hitler ’stache thrown in there.

  1. courtneyb

    love the Hitler stache!!

  2. Sarah

    Hah! Hail Hitler Kitty!

  3. Grandma K

    These are great pics. Looks like a fun time was had by all. And, we cerainly enjoyed the kitty today.

  4. Liz

    What is up with those new mountain looking rope climbing jungle gyms? We have one at the local park and it scares me to see the kids climb way to the top. That would be a really far fall. Tori even attempted to Follow her brothers to the top the other day.

  5. Keely

    yes i made the blog! thank you for the little fan club part!

  6. Holly

    i’m glad you are happy that i posted that picture keely! i was afraid you would be mad, and almost took it off a number of times! i don’t even think Tainui has seen it, i don’t think he reads my blog.


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