Nez’s last day of preschool

Our girl is SO ready to grow up these days. She is sad that Tecia won’t be her teacher anymore, but is extremely excited for kindergarten.

With a few of her classmates

It was pretty hard for her to stand still for so long. Most of the time she was jumping up & down…

or doing lunges.

Gwen was entertaining as well, singing along to the songs loudly, and usually after they had already ended.

Therefore, Dave’s phone was a welcome distraction.

Best preschool teacher ever!

Nez’s cousin Gigi was in another preschool class but part of the same program.

One thing Inez told me she was looking forward to were the refreshments.

She was in such a good mood that she willingly shared with her sister. A rarity, indeed.

Gigi enjoyed her cupcake.

Gwen. I’m so sad this picture is so blown out, but I just love that look on her face!

After the program we gladly let the kids run off some energy at the playground.

Dale, Gigi’s brother, was quite fickle around the camera. I had to chase him down to get this shot.

And this one—his Power Ranger and eye.

Gwen never seems to run out of energy. She was actually running a few laps here.

We are so proud of our big girl!

  1. Karissa and Mik

    refreshments are well deserved after doing all those lunges!

  2. Denice

    oh boy – on to the big school now!

  3. Melissa

    I wish we were as energetic as kids, we would burn so many more calories. Although, it’s not quite as cute and funny if we start doing lunges while we’re in the choir or something.

  4. Dyana365

    How out, next thing she'll be graduating High goes that fast (said the mother of a 5th grader!) kindergartens the best though.

  5. Whiggy

    Love the pic of Gwen running. She's so stinkin' cute. And Nezzie doing lunges -awesome. Email me some pics of my kiddos when you get the chance (please!)

  6. Whiggy

    Ok, this is really Sarah. I'm just logged in as Whig for some reason.


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