our time at the original magic kingdom

Most of the days surrounding our family reunion were spent at Disneyland. It was actually five days. FIVE DAYS. Luckily they weren’t five consecutive days, because it was seriously exhausting! Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of everyone but the girls had a lot of fun hanging out with cousins that they never get to see. And James, I hope that Sammie isn’t scarred forever from her experience on Matterhorn!

The girls dancing before the Pixar parade starts—Gwen’s hair is a hot mess,

and Inez was really getting down.

While everyone else went on Indiana Jones, Dave and I took these crazy kids to the Tiki Room and they gave us their own show.

My nephew, Charles, became a Padawan.

Hanging out along the Rivers of America waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for Fantasmic.

The Electrical Parade

We were there for the Laker’s parade, except the only “Laker” that was there was Kobe. I guess he won the title by himself?

Some of the cousins

Inez was picked to come out and dance for the Celebration parade. She got SUPER shy, started crying and ran back over to me. I guess she only likes to dance when it’s not part of the parade.

This was taken right before the stage fright.

Here she was pulling some serious attitude.

We saw lots of characters. I love how Gwen’s body language reveal if she is nervous, shy, excited, or just doesn’t really care about certain princesses.





very nervous

excited but shy




doesn’t care

really doesn’t care
After a meltdown by Inez on Tom Sawyer’s Island and Gwen in desperate need of a nap, we found a quiet place in the Park. The Fairy Godmother was there, so she came up to us and talked with Inez very quietly. It was perfect.

Gwen and Tori dressed in their Minnie dresses and visited Minnie Mouse. It was really cute, Minnie made a big deal about the girls and their dresses and the girls were in heaven.

Until next time Disneyland.

Kewish 2009

Our family reunion kicked off at the Newport Beach Temple friday morning.

There was a family “talent show” where the Lesue family sang the Cougar Fight Song,

and Gwen had absolutely no stage fright, singing the ABCs.
I think she was hoping for an encore.

There was also a little revival of “The Boy from New York City” that James, Jon, and I used to perform for family and neighbor kids about 20 years ago. This time I had a little help on lead vocals, a wandering helper and the best/funniest backup singers any lip syncher could ask for!

Some cousins met for the first time,

and others had fun “helping” animals—domesticated as well as wild. I’m pretty sure there is a lizard somewhere in Oceanside that is scarred for life. Luckily Uncle Jon freed it from it’s “habitat” that the kids had created for it.

Day 2 consisted of a day at Buccaneer Beach. It was cloudy and a bit on the chilly side, but fun nonetheless.

Gwen had one minor wipeout and was done with the water.

but extremely content to play for hours in the sand with the other two-year-olds.

Inez on the otherhand, had a few wipeouts throughout the day. But each time she eventually got over them and went back to play in the water. She was fearless!

Before and after she realized one hand was sandy and the other was clean

I cannot tell you how much sand was all over this girl. That roll in the front of her bathing suit is pure sand. OUCH!

Dad and his A&W

Uncle Joe always builds his giant sea turtle every time he goes to the beach

This 6′6″ cop did a little bit of surfing.

Baby Jon felt the ocean for the first time. It seemed to soothe him—the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Poor Joey had a gnarly wipeout, we all laughed and his mom got it all on video.

We had fun hanging out with everyone!

Sunday the reunion wrapped up with the baby blessing of little Izzie. We were so glad to be a part of that special occasion! Thanks for sharing that with us, James & Nat!

We look forward to the next one in 2011!

back home, finally.

After two weeks of vacation, it’s really nice to be home again.

Now I have about a year’s worth of laundry to tackle. Not to mention a new tire to get for the car since I had a blow-out on the highway last night, pushing our arrival time to 2am. Let me tell you, driving 50 mph when you are only 80 miles from home is pure torture. Luckily I was in a caravan with my sister and sister-in-law (we were all without our men for the journey back home). It was probably one of the most scary experiences of my life. But I feel blessed that no one was injured. I know that we were being watched over through it all, and for that I’m grateful.

kooky shots

Inez tolerates my picture taking like this:

or like this:

this one’s my fave

Lukily, I manage to get some good “normal” shots anyway.

And lucky for me, she doesn’t know that I secretly love those kooky shots.

higher calling

As I was changing Gwen the other day she excitedly said, ” a tewefome, Mom!” So I looked at her ceiling to see what she was talking about. Low and behold, a telephone made out of pure sunlight.

She is a funny girl.

*And I have to give Dave credit for coming up with the title to this post. Surely I’m not the only one who wishes he would sacrifice a little bit of his time for our little ole blog here. His humorous and witty blog posts are sorely missed (hint: those are links of posts by Dave). Well, at least I know my Mom would agree with me. Right, Mom?

breaking a commandment

After using my sister’s camera lens today, I’m having a hard time not coveting it.

red is my favorite color

and I am loving our new chair.


She is now a “toothless ninny” as quoted by Grandpa K.

She kept saying how she was so excited for the tooth fairy to come.
When we asked her what she thought the tooth fairy would bring her she excitedly replied, “A QUARTER!
(We were pleased to find that was the going rate for teeth these days.)
However, when she found the quarter this morning, she was less than enthusiastic. And when Dave asked her what the tooth fairy brought her she said, “just a penny or something.”