breaking a commandment

After using my sister’s camera lens today, I’m having a hard time not coveting it.

  1. Dave

    I'm feeling photography-skills envy. Is that breaking a commandment?

  2. Holly

    perhaps. but it would for sure be breaking a commandment if you don't buy me that lens for our anniversary next month.

  3. Evie B.

    Where did you take those pictures? I LOVE!

    Cute cute cute girls, btw!

  4. Melissa

    Beautiful pictures, Holly! Cool location.

  5. courtneyb

    seriously, where did you take those pictures!? Love them! I love green orchard pictures.

  6. Karissa and Mik

    so cute! LOVE that one of inez blowing the dandelion!

  7. Stephanie

    ok seriously I had to show my hubby these gorgeous pictures and I too am coveting the lens!!! ; ) Where did you take the pictures!! Perfect location!

  8. Jiles Pfamily

    holly. fantastic job.

  9. Brooke

    beautiful! i want the lens too. (and the skillz.)

  10. Mrs. Doodle

    You so need to share some details with us… these are awesome. You are on my reader so I always read your posts but I had to RUN over here and tell you that you need to share some more info!


  11. Jana

    is this in Utah? if so, I am in awe at the beauty.

  12. Katrina

    Well, if you're getting shots like that, it's not a sin to covet.

  13. Rena

    Great photos. You should check out my friend's photography site. It's also, she is giving a class on it in the spanish fork library on sat. Not that you need the class–but I'm plugging my friend angie.

  14. Denice

    ok – so what is the lens?

  15. Holly


    i covet.


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