higher calling

As I was changing Gwen the other day she excitedly said, ” a tewefome, Mom!” So I looked at her ceiling to see what she was talking about. Low and behold, a telephone made out of pure sunlight.

She is a funny girl.

*And I have to give Dave credit for coming up with the title to this post. Surely I’m not the only one who wishes he would sacrifice a little bit of his time for our little ole blog here. His humorous and witty blog posts are sorely missed (hint: those are links of posts by Dave). Well, at least I know my Mom would agree with me. Right, Mom?

  1. Mom

    Absolutely and positively!!!

  2. Holly

    thanks mom. Dave also thanks you for being his sole supporter.

  3. courtneyb

    she's got a good eye for spotting that! And I agree, Dave is an entertaining poster, it was nice to relive the church drawer incident.

  4. Holly

    thanks court! and yes, the church drawer incident is a classic!


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