our time at the original magic kingdom

Most of the days surrounding our family reunion were spent at Disneyland. It was actually five days. FIVE DAYS. Luckily they weren’t five consecutive days, because it was seriously exhausting! Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of everyone but the girls had a lot of fun hanging out with cousins that they never get to see. And James, I hope that Sammie isn’t scarred forever from her experience on Matterhorn!

The girls dancing before the Pixar parade starts—Gwen’s hair is a hot mess,

and Inez was really getting down.

While everyone else went on Indiana Jones, Dave and I took these crazy kids to the Tiki Room and they gave us their own show.

My nephew, Charles, became a Padawan.

Hanging out along the Rivers of America waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for Fantasmic.

The Electrical Parade

We were there for the Laker’s parade, except the only “Laker” that was there was Kobe. I guess he won the title by himself?

Some of the cousins

Inez was picked to come out and dance for the Celebration parade. She got SUPER shy, started crying and ran back over to me. I guess she only likes to dance when it’s not part of the parade.

This was taken right before the stage fright.

Here she was pulling some serious attitude.

We saw lots of characters. I love how Gwen’s body language reveal if she is nervous, shy, excited, or just doesn’t really care about certain princesses.





very nervous

excited but shy




doesn’t care

really doesn’t care
After a meltdown by Inez on Tom Sawyer’s Island and Gwen in desperate need of a nap, we found a quiet place in the Park. The Fairy Godmother was there, so she came up to us and talked with Inez very quietly. It was perfect.

Gwen and Tori dressed in their Minnie dresses and visited Minnie Mouse. It was really cute, Minnie made a big deal about the girls and their dresses and the girls were in heaven.

Until next time Disneyland.

  1. Denice

    that looks like so much fun. was it terribly crowded? considering the trip myself, but not sure about the crowds and kids.

  2. Holly

    it would be bearable, but it was SO crowded. especially our first two days we were there because those were the last days for so cal resident passes before they were blocked for the rest of the summer. i read that monday there were 63,000 people and by wednesday it was projected to drop to 45,000. it was even hard to walk those first two days! our last three days were not nearly as bad as the first two. but it's also so hot right now. if you can wait 'til september, that is our favorite time of year to go.

  3. Jody

    When I asked Inez what her favorite part at Disneyland was she said, "I'll give you a hint. It starts with PIRATES."

    Cute pics!

  4. Joe

    We watched our videos from the trip last night and the kids got all geeked up about Disneyland again. All of our trips have been to FL and solo, so it was good be back at the original with family.


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