a work in progress

Last night while Dave and I were watching a movie, I pulled out a lot of my fabric stash. I haven’t been able to look at it or think about it since I first started feeling/being so sick with this pregnancy.

It was like finding a hidden treasure! I took a few fat quarters that I had and am attempting some sort of little quilt. I don’t have a pattern so I’m just kind of winging it. I have no idea what I’ll back it with yet, but I just loved all these colors and decided to throw them all together. We’ll see how it goes. It’s small, so hopefully I can keep the momentum and actually finish this quilt!

Also, these days I am awash in tutus. I’m fairly addicted to making them. But I just can’t store them all. I’m thinking about putting some in my etsy shop. Anyone interested?

  1. Sarah

    Gigi would think she'd died and gone to heaven. How much are they? Maybe we can work out a trade, me being broke and all.

  2. Amber

    i would love one!!! (and i think savy might enjoy one as well)

  3. Dyana365

    love, love, love these colors!! Please post a picture when you are finished. I'd take a tutu, but I think jim might have an issue with it :)

  4. Tecia

    I'd love one for Tay! Glad to hear you're feeling better

  5. Liz

    I like the colors that you added to your collection of Tutus. That is a funny word, say it over and over again in your head and it sounds silly.

  6. Denice

    i think the quilt is a sign your having another little girl.

  7. Holly

    except now i don't like how the top turned out and i want to take it apart. it's too much and too matchy-matchy. so what's that supposed to mean!? hmmmm…

  8. Joe

    it means that you're going to have a girl with no fashion sense.

    just kidding.

    fat quarters is a great name for a band, or a pool hall.

    joey just asked "dad, when is Inez going to come to our house?"


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