called to serve

What a cute missionary couple.

I have the cutest parents. I may be a little biased, but it’s also 100% true.

The Utah grandkids there see Grandma & Grandpa Kewish off.

The kids were pretty good at keeping themselves entertained while waited for them to be checked in.

Gwen’s good at keeping others entertained, too. I think she learned this pose from her cousin, Tori.

This is her new smile she does for the camera.

The sendoff party

Grandpa telling Inez to not grow up while he’s gone.

1-2-3, BYE!!!

We actually did “1-2-3, BYE” (a Kewish family tradition) about four or five times as they made their way through security. I miss those days at the gate, the security line just isn’t the same when having to say goodbye.

We are so excited and proud of Mom & Dad for their decision to serve a mission in Hong Kong for the next 18 months. We will miss them terribly, but know that the time will pass quickly. I mean, it’s already been 2 hours, 36 minutes and 10 seconds…but who’s counting?

  1. Liz

    I am glad that you were able to capture that in pictures. I almost feel like I was there. We all know Tori has crazy bees in her head, but I am sorry that some of them escaped into Gwens head when we were there. I hope Gwen will start smiling nicely for the camera again soon.

  2. Jana

    i didnt know! yea for them!! sad for you, sorry to lose them again.

  3. Denice

    it was so hard sending kyler off. was it as hard sending your parents? i think rules are different for parents. calls, emails, texts, and can you visit? i think so. i miss the gate send off too.

  4. Holly

    it was hard to say goodbye and sad at the airport, but the rules are so different, that it probably won't be as hard as you have it for Kyler. they aren't exactly sure about everything they will be doing, but it is quite possible that we might be able to visit them. and since i went by myself to Beijing to visit them last year, it would be great to go with Dave, if not everyone, including the suckling child i'll have before too long! i will commiserate anytime you want!

  5. Elder/Sister Kewish

    So much going on and so much to learn…seems like ages since we left. Missing alla buddies.

  6. Joe

    Yeah, the crooked neck/tongue out pose is a Tori original, and she's probably also responsible for the pretty/ugly 'smile.' sorry about that.


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