chairball and goodbyes

Sometime over the holiday weekend, the guys invented a new game called
Chairball—rhymes with hairball (that’s the official name)
It kind of evolved from tossing the ball around/having the ball thrown at you while sitting in a chair, relaxing (five adults and one teenager are easily entertained).

The guys watching/reacting to someone’s throw

Some of the onlookers

Before we knew it, our time with the Indiana Kewishes came to an end. We’ve had such a fun time with them over the past six weeks.

This was taken almost three years ago, three of the four cousins that are the same age—(L-R)Tui, Inez & Joey.

This time around, Inez wasn’t as eager to pose for a picture with these handsome guys.

I think Gwenie’s expression sums it up for all of us—so sad to be parting ways for another two years, and let’s hope it’s not going to be that long again.

Thanks for all the fun, Joe & Liz! And I think it’s safe to assume that I can speak for everyone when I say thank you for introducing us to Bananagrams!

  1. Joe

    We miss all the buddies in UT a ton. We'll have to figure out how to get there again soon.

    Also, I have a serious craving for more Chairball–rhymes with hairball, but it wouldn't be the same without a yard with a hill in the middle of it and my brothers/brothers-in-law/nephew (Taz is not allowed anymore in our league after burying us with like 15 points in a row on Sunday).

  2. Holly

    seriously, i think the only place to play chairball–rhymes with hairball, is in mom & dad's backyard! i think the next time you guys are here we should have a chairball tournament as well as the game of throwing the ball to each other while sitting in chairs, only using left hands. like i said, we are easily amused!

  3. Liz

    Those were very fun games and very fun times that we had there. I miss it so much and hope to be able to do it again soon.

  4. Denice

    we love bananagrams too. but never played chairball rhymes with hairball :)

  5. Holly

    denice, we are more than happy to bring more people into our circle of trust. and by "circle of trust" i mean, a rousing game of Chairball—rhymes with hairball.


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