Inez found this quail nest in our backyard today.

  1. Anonymous

    What a treasure to find by our little explorer!

  2. Mom K

    woops…that's from Grandma…wrong button.

  3. Liz

    Are they abandoned? If so maybe you can find your dads incubator and help them hatch.

  4. Holly

    at first i didn't think they were abandoned, but now i think they may be. if i do the incubator thing, then i'll have to raise them like my dad. it's a slippery slope that I don't want to get started on!

  5. Joe

    Yes, before you know it you'll be buying strange eggs from Red Wing Hatchery without knowing what they are, then they'll hatch and grow into Guinea Hens, which fly, so once they start roosting high in your tree over the 57 freeway, you'll have to catch them and take them down to Eisenhower Park in the dead of night to release them into the deer/turkey enclosure, from which they will promptly escape, because again, they fly.

  6. Holly

    i must have been too young to catalog that one. my favorite is still taking dad to some hatchery after his surgery/procedure where he ordered 25 pheasant chicks. he didn't believe me a few days later when i told him what he was done, cause he was still a little out of it. and he had me stick the hospital booties in his bag for him when the nurse left the room. he didn't believe that either until he found them days later.

    ah, good times.

  7. Dad K

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about: Red Wing Hatchery would never sell guinea hens to people from Orange County. Plus, it is highly illegal to release any such foul fowl at Eisenhower Park. As far as the pheasant chicks are concerned, we'll never know what kind soul decided to donate 25 hens to my pheasant operation. When the shipment arrived, I was as surprised as anyone; you could have knocked me over with a (pheasant) feather.
    Love, Dad


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