two two-year-olds in tutus & a tea party

and a few of the five-year-old, too.

  1. Karissa and Mik

    CUTE tutu's did you make those?!

  2. [AnnieR]

    I bet your girls felt so pretty. What a fun idea.

  3. David and Jenny

    those tutu's are adorable!!! maybe you can teach me?

  4. Amber

    wow…every girl needs a tutu like that. tell where i might be able to find one! i love them.

  5. Joe

    Great post–Tori and all the kids sure miss UT and the cousins.

  6. Liz

    Those are adorable girls in the pictures. Good camera work:)

  7. Holly

    i miss seeing gwen and tori play together and to hear gwen say "TOH-WEE" all the time.

  8. Holly

    and yes, i made them. i'm considering putting them in my etsy shop. we'll see…

  9. Emily Pugmire

    I just happened upon your website from my friends blog link and I got swallowed up in it. I LOVE these pictures and I wanted to ask for your permission to paint an oil painting of one of them (where she’s pouring the tea). The quality of light and bright colors are just beautiful! Thank you for a delightful post!


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