more sewing

I am feeling extra crafty these days, so I made some aprons.

Gwen in a Minnie Mouse-inspired apron.

I can’t decide if I like the striped backs better…

This is a caption. This is a caption.

…or the end of the strap where I changed the fabric.


What do you think?

P.S. They can be found in my Etsy Shop, in case you were wondering.

raspberry deliciousness

Today we went with my sister (who happens to be a raspberry picking expert) to pick raspberries. She just moved to here to Happy Valley from Seattle where raspberries grow to be the size of baby’s heads. So we were a little disappointed with the crop that we brought home because they were obviously not the size of baby’s heads.




I gathered about five pounds which made nearly three large jars of freezer jam.

Of course, that’s not counting what was eaten between the time we left the farm until I finally got around to making the jam later this afternoon.

I think what I will remember most from today was Gwen. With that cute little raspberry stained face of hers, she was CONSTANTLY asking one of the following two questions, “Is this a good one Mom?” and “How ’bout this one, can I eat this one Mom?”

Or perhaps the highlight was when Inez FREAKED OUT because a grasshopper jumped on her. When I told her that the bugs (grasshoppers, bees, spiders, etc) weren’t there for her, she was actually very surprised. A little while later I overheard her tell Gwen that the bugs weren’t there for them, but for the raspberries. It’s nice to know that my five-year-old actually listens and believes what I tell her sometimes.

At the end of the day, I think we might need to make another trek for more. I know that would make these girls very happy.

the tutus are in the shop.

For anyone who is interested, these are the colors that I have listed right now:

Light Pink

Light Pink

Hot Pink

Hot Pink



Tinkerbell Green

Tinkerbell Green

I still have red and another pink (kind of a bubble gum color) that will be listed over the next few days. In the meantime here’s the link to my shop, and it’s always in my sidebar as well.

And do a girl a favor—tell a friend!

baby jon

I think I have a pretty cute nephew. And he contributes to my baby hunger/excitement for when #3 will join us in a few more months.


visiting g & g lesue

We don’t get over to their house very often, but when we do the girls get lots of love.


Inez and Grandma Lesue

They have fun playing in a great yard with lots of toys.


These are the smiles of girls who, in an hour, will REFUSE to go home

And we all benefit from their garden. I didn’t get any pictures of the tomatoes, but OH THE TOMATOES. I finally had a garden tomato for the first time this summer—straight from the vine with a little salt & pepper—and let me tell you, it was heaven.



And there are usually cousins there to play with too—bonus!


It just makes us happy to visit them, for lots of reasons.


gooooooooooo, cougars!

We are getting pretty excited about fall football around here. Well, I guess I should clarify. BYU’s fall football.

BYU Fight Song from David Lesue on Vimeo.

summer storms

We love the rainstorms here in Utah, especially when there’s a rainbow.

a day at the pool

This is the only way to beat the August heat.

highly recommended

This movie and soundtrack. We love.

no. not yet.

She’s still feels like my baby. She can’t be getting this big. But, she’ll be three when the new baby comes, and that feels quite bizarre.

I can’t deny it though when during scripture study we asked Inez what Joseph Smith found in the stone box on the hill Cumorah, and Gwen was the one to answer that it was the golden plates—it was one of those proud parenting moments!

As much as I try to hold on to these precious days—temper tantrums and all—I love seeing her grow and develop.

And after all, there will be a new baby soon enough to fill that baby void.