gooooooooooo, cougars!

We are getting pretty excited about fall football around here. Well, I guess I should clarify. BYU’s fall football.

BYU Fight Song from David Lesue on Vimeo.

  1. Grandpa and Grandma K

    We should be in pretty good shape this year with kind of fan excitement. Maybe we can put it up on the big screen during half time!
    Go Cougs; go girls!

  2. Gingerlylizzy

    Gwens little lips and enunciation are the cutest ever in that video!

  3. Amber

    we are freaking stoked as well!! we'll have to meet up for some of the games so we can see you guys!!

  4. James

    I'm impressed…my girls have me sing the entire song myself and then join in for "rah, rah", etc. If I try to sing it again, they shoot me down and go straight for the "rah rah" again. Oh well, at least they're loyal, strong, and true.

  5. Denice

    way to go getting them started young!


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