highly recommended

This movie and soundtrack. We love.

  1. James

    I'll tell Joey you liked it. Melissa and I are looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Holly

    he's come a LONG way since Angels in the Outfield. yes, tell him he was really good in it.

  3. Karissa and Mik

    thanks for the recommendation! its always good to get someones opinion before wasting $20 on 2 tickets!

  4. Holly

    Karissa, you can get discount tickets at Maceys for $6 each to use at Wynnsong, because the movie has been out long enough…FYI!

  5. Rena

    it looks good. I loved him in 10 things.

  6. Dyana365

    I loved it, especially the music! Wasn't that guy on 3rd rock from the sun?? I just loved the 2 characters, just not totally in love with the ending.


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