no. not yet.

She’s still feels like my baby. She can’t be getting this big. But, she’ll be three when the new baby comes, and that feels quite bizarre.

I can’t deny it though when during scripture study we asked Inez what Joseph Smith found in the stone box on the hill Cumorah, and Gwen was the one to answer that it was the golden plates—it was one of those proud parenting moments!

As much as I try to hold on to these precious days—temper tantrums and all—I love seeing her grow and develop.

And after all, there will be a new baby soon enough to fill that baby void.

  1. Denice

    she can always be your baby girl :)

  2. Ada Bowler

    darling photographs! I don't check for a while, and come to find out, you are expecting! Congratulations. Now that we're Utah Valley neighbors, we better get to see you sometime. Maybe when the craziness of summer dies down a bit…it would be so fun to catch up!

  3. Liz

    Cute pic, I will have to show Tori when she comes by the computer. She will be happy to see a picture of Gwen. What is it, 3-4 months till baby now? Time flies, easy for me to say, I'm not the one that is pregnant and sick.

  4. Grandma K

    I LOVE this picture. She already looks older. I miss her SO much!


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