visiting g & g lesue

We don’t get over to their house very often, but when we do the girls get lots of love.


Inez and Grandma Lesue

They have fun playing in a great yard with lots of toys.


These are the smiles of girls who, in an hour, will REFUSE to go home

And we all benefit from their garden. I didn’t get any pictures of the tomatoes, but OH THE TOMATOES. I finally had a garden tomato for the first time this summer—straight from the vine with a little salt & pepper—and let me tell you, it was heaven.



And there are usually cousins there to play with too—bonus!


It just makes us happy to visit them, for lots of reasons.


  1. Grandma K

    Love the summer-time pics. And, by the way, WHAT HAS SUMMER DONE to these girls? They both look SO much older.

  2. Liz

    Love garden tomatoes. After eating ones from the garden it is hard to go back to the tasteless grocery store ones.


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