A drive up the canyon

EVERYONE here is talking about the amazing colors up the canyon.

“You are sure to miss out if you don’t go SOON!” said everyone.

It got to the point where we felt we would be anti-everyone if we didn’t participate in the viewing of the fall colors up the canyon. So we caved to the peer pressure. Monday night, we packed a little picnic dinner, I grabbed my camera, and we headed east.


One thing we didn’t anticipate is how much cooler the air is up there. I know you are thinking, “well, duh.” And you are right. Our girls were freezing and Inez said, more than once, that she was going to turn into an icicle. This was the first bit of evidence that perhaps, we are not the world’s greatest parents (more on this later). We tried to convince the girls that they could warm each other up “with constant hugs,” but they gave up after one.

The girls hammed it up for the camera,


for which they were bribed with some sugar cookies. Inez was loving hers…


…until she dropped it. And cried. Dave and I laughed while I snapped away (this is the additional evidence I mentioned earlier).


Gwen tried to give Inez her cookie as a consolation.


But Inez would not be consoled. Poor Gwenie was left a bit confused.


A little later, Gwen experienced pure delight when we put her on top of the car to take her picture.


When it was her turn, Inez cried, again. Apparently, she has a fear of heights. Dave and I scoffed as I took more pictures (…and piled on even more incriminating evidence).

Now, before anyone goes reporting us to CPS, I thought I should provide some proof that Inez isn’t always crying/terrified/in the depths of despair.


Anyway, for what it’s worth, the colors are remarkable. If you live in the area and haven’t seen them, put it on the top of your list of things to do. EVERYONE is doing it. Plus, your children will remember it (and possibly be scarred) forever.


  1. kristy wihongi

    love the blog…have been horribly neglectful in checking it or anyones for that matter. you guys do a wonderful job with this…very artsy i must say.
    although i see that inez didn’t enjoy the canyon trip too much (did you guys go last night?)–at least she didn’t end up with 12 stitches like teina did after our trip up the canyon last night–ugh.

  2. Amanda Coon

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!! I take pictures of crying too! I’m sad we didn’t ever run into you up there last night. It is beautiful isn’t it! :) I love the fall!

  3. Grandma and Grandpa K

    We SO recognized Inez’ cry face and slumped body look and, not nice, but we laughed because it brought back so many memories of her dramatic, but so cute ways. Also, though, of course, our hearts when out to her. Great post….they will have better memories of it than you think.

  4. Tracy

    Oh my gosh, that was the best post in the world.

  5. Denice

    I love the colors and i love that little drama girl. give her another cookie for goodness sakes.

  6. Anonymous

    Sadly i think the crying pics are my favorite! But i would cry too if i dropped that delicious cookie! Try tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and some balsamic vinegar…yum!

  7. karissa

    that last comment about the crying and balsamic was me. apparantally your new comment ordeal is a little too high tech for me

  8. Holly

    No worries Karissa. I think the way the have comments set up on word press is a big pain, so I don’t blame it on you!

  9. Melissa

    The pictures are priceless, Inez will someday appreciate the humor, I’m sure. =) I think this is much worse: my friend just posted a video of her husband burying her 1 year old in the sand while the 1 year old is totally screaming and crying. The dad keeps burying him and the 3 year old is pulling on his shirt trying to get him to stop, then the 3 year old tries to grab the 1 year old and pull him out. I felt so sorry for the little guy!


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