Christmas in September

It turns out that Dave’s four hours spent putting together a 196 piece kitchen play set was totally worth it.

I feel the same way about my kitchen—running out to it every morning, eager to cook and do the dishes with sleep in my eyes and a serious case of bedhead. She must have gotten it from me.

  1. David

    Holly’s not exaggerating. It really did take me four hours to put that thing together.

    Also. It was worth it for Gwen, sure. But what’s in it for me? The satisfaction of delighting my three year-old daughter? That’s it?

  2. Grandma K


  3. Liz

    Good job Dave. Maybe she will make you some nice meals from her kitchen. Tori is always cooking up something in her little kitchen and insisting I pretend to eat it.

  4. Cherri

    Holy Canoli! I love the new site. Where have I been? Why doesn’t my google reader let me know when you have a new post. I’ll tell you why, because then I wouldn’t be able to see the awesome things on your actual page. Love it! Now I need to catch up on all your previous posts.


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