Do you want this apron?


So there has been a little remodeling around our little blog here. Dave not only changed the look of our blog, but my Etsy shop as well. Just the name and logo have changed. It was ¡Aye, Querida! and is now Sugar Pea. The link is also in the sidebar andbytheway I love that when you hover over it, it’s pink! Dave is good, no?

So, in order to celebrate this little makeover, I’m having a giveaway. And as you may have guessed, it’s for this little girl’s reversible apron.


Here’s the deal:  leave me a comment here on this post and you will be entered once.  Post a link for my giveaway on your blog and/or Facebook will earn you another entry (or two if you do both).  Just be sure to let me know, so that I’m aware and I know how many times to count you in.

This giveaway is going to last until Sunday night, Sept 20th.  So…on your mark, get set, go!

Post edit: If you want to tweet about the giveaway, that will give you another entry. That means you have a possibility of FOUR entries! Just make sure to include my id in your tweet so that I see it (which is @hollylesue). Here’s the link to my twitter page. Also, you can follow me if you want but I’m warning you now, I’m not a very exciting tweeter (or whatever the phrase is supposed to be).

  1. Melissa

    Yay, I’m the first to comment! I just know I’m going to win this one. =)

  2. David

    Am I allowed to comment? I want the apron. …uh …for a friend. Yeah.

  3. Sarah

    Pick me! Pick me!
    I’m going over to facebook and my blog to put a link in. That’s 3 entries, right?

  4. cori

    hi holly! cute apron! i have a little girl that would love that. just last night…”mommy, where is my apron?”

    we couldn’t find hers.

    you are so fun. and i will be checking sugar pea, because we must have some of those tutu’s.

    love ya girl!

    and i will post a link on my blog!

  5. liz

    Me please! I love that apron. Super cute!

  6. Betsy

    Hey – so, I’m your blog stalker! I was David’s neighbor in Fallon. Anyway, I love your blog and your aprons! So here’s me entering! I also posted a link on my blog and on facebook! 3 entries for me, yay!

  7. Adhis

    I know Sarah told me not to enter…. ….

    but I am.

    Love the apron!

  8. kristen

    love it!

  9. Danna

    I want to win it for my gal’–enter me, please!

  10. Julie Tracy

    Love it Holly! You guys are both so talented. How are you feeling?

  11. Patti

    I really think I need that, Holly. :)

    Cori sent me.

  12. Sarah M

    Betsy posted this that is how I found you. I’ll post on my blog as well. Have a great day. That is a super cute apron.

  13. Candace Sheets

    That apron is too cute! I found you through Blue Lily. I will also post on Facebook; I am candacesheets there. I don’t have blog yet. Fingers crossed; I have a 4 year old who would LOVE that apron!

  14. Candace Sheets

    I tweeted too as candacesheets — does that count? Also thought I should leave my email

  15. Holly

    YES! tweets count too! that’s up to FOUR entries per person if you use all the outlets. good luck everyone!

    by the way, my twitter id (if that’s what it’s called) is: @hollylesue
    and here’s my profile page:

    warning, i’m not a very exciting tweeter.

  16. Elizabeth

    Super cute! The blog and the apron

  17. karissa

    i love your new blog design its so cute! i enjoy the new name of your etsy shop as well!

  18. Kiri

    this is totally cute. I wanna win!

  19. Stephanie Thomas

    The apron is adorable!!!!!
    I need one for ALL of my nieces…. all 4 of them! Do you sell them or just give them away :)

  20. Holly

    I don’t usually give them away, but sell them in my Etsy shop, Sugar Pea.

    Here’s the link:

    There’s also the link in the sidebar, Sugar Pea.


  21. Stella Peterson

    SO cute!!

  22. Emilie

    I’ve won a number of blog giveaways this year, and NO ONE has made good on the prize. But I know you will, ’cause you’re like that :)

    Put me down for 2 entries! Putting it on The Daily Cool right now.

  23. Summer

    Yeah!! I love it – put me down for an entry and this is also proof that Emilie gets 2 entries because I linked here from The Daily Cool!

  24. matt

    my 2 year old will own this!

  25. Jenny

    count me in!

  26. James

    The friend Dave wants to give it to is me. Per FB, he’s looking in my direction since aprons are my thing. P.S. this does not have to count as a separate entry from Melissa’s since we represent one household. Unless, of course, my entry counts under the official rules.

  27. KimB

    I would love to win this for my little girl who will be starting to help mom cook soon. She would look absolutely darling in it.

  28. courtney

    adorable. but I’m not surprised! I love your taste in fabric and everything else. But if I win then will have to buy one maybe two more so that it’s fair for the other girls. Oh, and then Brody will want one as well. shoot, maybe I don’t want to win, unless you make them in boy prints.

  29. courtney

    facebooked it

  30. courtney

    blogged it

    i have a twitter account, but I don’t get it so I’ll settle with 3 entries :)

  31. Shannon

    oh so A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

    Can I win, please oh please?!

  32. Meredith

    it’s the apron i’ve always wanted to make but never had the time or creativity to do it! love it!

  33. Krista

    My girls would LOVE that! So cute. :)

  34. Krista

    Blogged about it!

  35. Linda Dickinson

    So cute! My 10 or 3 yr old girls would love it…

  36. ~j.

    Love this.

  37. Ashley

    Found you through Brooke. Darling!!!


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