Fire Club

First off, let it be known that I have a terrible memory. Anything that happened more than an hour ago might as well have occurred in the 70s as far as my brain is concerned. Accurately recalling an incident from more than a few years ago is close to impossible for me.

Holly, on the other hand, has a bionic memory. She remembers songs that were playing on the radio during specific stretches of seven year-old road trips. She remembers movies playing in the background of conversations we had back when we were dating. She remembers everything.

Which is great for me, mostly because it means that I don’t need to remember the names of any of the people at church. As long as I stay within whisper-distance of her on Sundays, I’m fine.

The first rule of Fire Club is you don't blog about Fire Club.

Then again, here I am, a few sentences into this post and I can already tell that I’m going to have to post a slew of fact-correcting updates to it once she reads my attempt to reminisce on events from way-back-when.

No matter. Let’s see what my faulty memory hole can come up with first. We’ll worry about whether or not any of it is true later.


Holly, me, and friends at a Fire Club outing. We look like 13-year olds.

Holly, me, and friends at a Fire Club outing. We look like 13-year olds.

A hundred years ago, back before Holly and I were married, we used to attend a monthly-ish outdoor get-together with a few friends. It was called Fire Club and it always involved a fire. Genius, right?

It seems like our friends, Kelly and Erin, were the originators, the organizers, the evangelists behind Fire Club, but like all other statements in this post, that may not be true.

Holly and I only attended a handful of Fire Club get-togethers and even though every time we went I didn’t know most of the people there, I loved going. Fire Club was just laid-back, chatty, and fun. Simple. Just friends and conversation around a camp fire.

It's not a club without a bright orange t-shirt, right?

I always talked about designing t-shirts for the club, but I never got around to it. Until now. Since it seems I’m all about producing these days, I’ve finally gotten around to designing them.

If you are interested, you can check them out on Peabody, my online t-shirt shop (please ignore the now-silly “Max Hall: Heisman Winner!” t-shirts and the no-longer-feasible “BYU: B.C.S. buster!” t-shirts).

Now we just need to revive the club. Anyone interested?

Assuming, of course, that the club ever existed in the first place. It did, didn’t it?


  1. Amanda Coon

    Sounds like a blast, esp. this time of year. Are you accepting new members?

  2. Holly

    Wow Dave, you are surprisingly accurate!

    Yes, Amanda, we are totally accepting new members. However, it was never really our club, per say, so we’ll have to check with the original founders about starting it up again. We’ll let you know.

    The only problem about reviving it, is that we have no location. We used to hold it right on the water of the Provo River in the Sherwin’s backyard, but they have long since moved. That was the best location because we were far enough from the house, so it didn’t feel like we were in someone’s backyard, but in reality we were, in fact, within a short walking distance from an actual bathroom. That’s totally my kind of wilderness as I’m not very “outdoorsy.”

    I also remember having one for FHE for our singles ward once, but Dave couldn’t come cause he was home working on his Hives comic strip for BYU’s paper. In fact, didn’t the Fire Club logo even make it’s way into one of your strips on some character’s t-shirt? If my amazing memory serves me right…

  3. Erin Jiles

    I am excited to finally have a Fire Club shirt! Seems to me like you have a great memory Dave. While you are at it I think you need to make a Pink Bladies shirt too?

  4. Emilie

    I came to fire club!!! SOOOO fun!

  5. David

    We are totally in…if invited…hint hint. I feel like we have a lot to offer to the club. I will make hilarious comments all night long, and jenny will keep me in control by rolling her eyes in the firelight. beautiful.


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