Five things I learned this weekend

  1. The enormous, impossible, terrifying kitchen project involving removing an overhead cabinet and finishing a final coat of paint—the project that I’ve been putting off for months—turned out to be, um, not at all enormous, impossible, or terrifying. It was actually quick, pretty easy, and kind of fun. How embarrassing.
  2. My wife has super human food-preparation abilities. She’s eight months pregnant and she just whipped up two home-made lasagnas and a birthday cake for twenty-plus people. And she did it all in half an hour. At least it seemed like half an hour. It was half an hour, wasn’t it, Holly? Twenty minutes, maybe? Something like that.
  3. She also has a… (how do you say sweet spirit without saying sweet spirit?) um… delicious soul? I can’t figure out how to say this without oozing mushy cheese. I’ll just say that she shared a lovely, heart-felt testimony today in church. I was struck by what a beautiful person she is outwardly and inwardly.
  4. She’s also one of those people that gets up in church to bear her testimony and is already crying before she reaches the podium. How embarrassing.
  5. I am not one of those people. I almost never cry when bearing my testimony. But I apparently am one of those people that gets a little—A LITTLE—choked up during Matthew McConaughey’s over-the-top cheesy speech at the end of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. A little. He just loves his brother so much.
  1. Tracy

    I love you and don’t even know you. :) ….. I especially love Holly. :)

  2. Holly

    Yeah…I don’t know if it’s more embarrassing to cry as much as I did, or that it was actually Matthew McConaughey’s little speech that got you all choked up.

    Also, I think the HUGE mess I made whilst “whipping up” the lasagnas and cake cancels out any credit I should get for all the cooking I did yesterday.

  3. liz

    You made me laugh. I needed that.


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