how ’bout them apples?

I love this apple print by Sandi Henderson. I love it even more coupled with the green.

Plus, it’s reversible.

More Sandi Henderson in orange & yellow, which has an orange back.

But this one is my favorite thus far. In fact I made two, but can only bring myself to put one of them in my etsy shop.

And it’s reversible too.

  1. brother from the same mother said...

    Apple core, baltimore… can you tell I have a little down time at work? Maybe a little procrastination actually. Two comments!

  2. Holly

    seriously! i would have never guess that you would be the first to comment on a post about little girl aprons!

  3. James and Natalie

    I’m so jealous that you have time to sew. I can barely get a shower. Hopefully that will get better when Sammie starts school. I can’t wait for your post about Nezzie’s first day. I hope it’s coming. Love the aprons by the way and your models are pretty cute too.

  4. Denice

    still adorable

  5. Holly

    nat, too soon i will be re-joining the afternoon/evening shower club of new mothers. i honestly don’t know where i’m getting this energy to create lately, but i’m loving it! and just think, if you guys lived closer, we could get together and sew while the boys play video games. i used to think that was such a joke when james would say that, but now it sounds very appealing!

    and i have been thinking of you with sammie starting kindergarten soon. i do need to post about it when i get a chance.

  6. Liz

    I love the apple fabric too. Very cute aprons.

  7. Natalie K

    I would LOVE a sewing night! I know James would love to pull out the PlayStation too. I know he misses video games like I miss sewing. I have to alter a new suit of his soon (not that that is fun) but maybe I’ll have him pull out the video games while I work on it and we can miss you guys together.


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