It’s ok

Lately, I’ve been feeling stressed. I’ve been stressing out.

About my job. About money. About the lack of money. About unfinished freelance projects. About soon-to-be-started freelance projects. About registering my unregistered car. About installing a sprinkler system in the dirt patch that is our front yard. About finally finishing the fence I started to put up at the beginning of the summer. About putting up rain gutters. About painting the house. About painting the kitchen. About reflooring the kitchen. About fixing the creak in the kitchen floor. About fixing the creak in every floor. About all the rest of the endless amounts of remodeling work that still needs to be done before our home could be considered anything other than condemned. About the baby on the way. About the bills on the way. About the end of summer. About the beginning of being old.

About everything.

You never do this, do you?

But then, tonight, just before her bed time, I happened to notice little Gwen. Our just-turned-three-year-old Gwen. She was sitting on her bedroom floor, playing with her miniature family of plastic toy people. She sat there, peering into their tiny house, quietly humming and chirping and speaking out little people parts to herself (in her perfect sing-songy voice) while she moved their pudgy forms in and out of their tiny rooms.

She was there, on the shabby carpet of her tiny creaky-floored room, completely content, completely free, and beaming.

Which made me remember something.

Why is that so easy to forget?

  1. Mom and Dad K

    Great post, Dave. Ah, me? No Worry! Unless you ask Dad, who thinks I worry all the time. I like the looks of your new blog and we have no trouble pulling it up in HK.
    So true…we need to ‘play’ more in life; take it from Gwennie, she knows good stuff.

  2. Brooke Benton

    i hate being stressed out. and i love kids– they make me a better person in every way.

  3. Azucar

    I do this a lot.

  4. david


  5. Azucar

    Because if we didn’t stress, who would? This is important!

  6. David

    Nobody, that’s who. You couldn’t be more right about this. You’re so right, it’s kind of stressing me out.


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