Reason #5,064 why I love my in-laws

Each spring I have great ambition to grow a garden. But for one reason or another, the glorious garden that I have planted (in my imagination) dies. Instead of being too sad about it (especially since I hate weeding) I find consolation in the fact that I will be able to ransack the amazing, uber-producing garden of Dave’s parents.

This year, the tomatoes were late coming on. My father-in-law blamed it on the different way he had planted them (without staking them). Turns out, it was just because they had a slow start this spring. Now we have tomatoes coming out of our ears.

I think a garden fresh tomato with s & p is one of my top five favorite foods. I could eat them all day long. And I would, if I didn’t get such horrible (pregnancy related) heartburn.

Last week my in-laws dropped off a huge basket of tomatoes for us. Glorious, garden fresh tomatoes.

It is pure torture that I am not able to eat as many as I would like. I have to say, it’s a good thing I’m well stocked with Target brand Tums all over the house. A really good thing.

  1. Denice

    my garden didnt grow this year. what i wouldnt do for some of those tomatoes!

  2. Sarah

    Yet another example of why you guys are Mom and Dad’s favorites. Did they bring me tomatoes? No. It’s not like we live a half and hour drive away or anything.


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